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Art and design student Liam serves up an Eel Pie treat

Tuesday 18 August 2015

Level 3 Art & Design student Liam Harbison has had three pieces of work displayed at an exhibition celebrating the musical history of Twickenham’s historic Eel Pie Island. Liam was chosen to provide the work after the college’s art department was approached by the exhibition’s curator, Michele Whitby, who asked them to recommend a student to provide pieces for the display.

“I was happy to get involved as I’m passionate about music and being a local lad I’ve played gigs at the Cabbage Patch and the Eel Pie Island Club,” Liam explains. “I knew a bit about the history of the island so chose to create three pieces that captured the music from different eras.”

Liam’s designs were inspired by the blues era, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd and represented a timeline of musical styles that encapsulated the feel and sounds of the island before its closure. “It’s nice to be involved in something that’s so historically important to the local community,” said Liam. “Hopefully the exhibition has meant that more people have learned about the amazing musicians who have played on the island."

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