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Celebrating our inspiring adult students for Adult Learner's Week 2015

Wednesday 17 June 2015

In an ideal world, we would all have jobs that we love that don’t actually feel like jobs. The reality is, for most, very different. In order to get where we want to be, we need the experience and the education, but financial constraints, children, marriage and unforeseen circumstances get in the way.

A lack of direction, passion and vision in our teenage and adolescent years leads many down an unwanted career path. The good news is, though, that it’s never too late to start pursuing your dream or training towards a better and more highly-paid job.

We’re so encouraged and inspired by our adult students, who come from all ethnic, social and career backgrounds, who have taken the leap and returned to the classroom. Take Nimi for instance. She got married at the age of 18 and had two children so continuing her education was out of the question. She was fortunate to get an entry-level job at RBS and worked her way up to an auditor position. However, when she was made redundant she found that her experience wasn’t enough to get her a job, she needed an accounting qualification. She is currently at Richmond upon Thames College and has taken several of our accounting courses.

‘The teaching here is excellent. They go beyond the point to help you understand,’ says Nimi. ‘I also love that this course is run over a shorter period. No other college offered it.’


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Then there’s Daniel Bishop who studied sport science at college but took a job in construction. He liked working in construction but found himself wanting to get back into sports. He enrolled on a fitness instructing course at Richmond upon Thames College and hasn’t looked back since. As a result of the course, he has networked with a lot of rugby clubs and says many have shown keen interest in hiring him after he qualifies.

‘Unlike college, everyone’s here for the right reasons. Whenever you’re partnered with someone they’re motivated and don’t hold you back,’ says Daniel.

Kirsten Pattie is also really enjoying the interior design short course she is enrolled on. She works as a Senior Ad Strategist at RAPP Agency and loves her job but wanted to spend time on a hobby that was unrelated to her day to day tasks. She is really shining on the course and is now thinking beyond doing it just as a hobby.

‘This course is opening my eyes to a whole load of other possibilities and ways of life. It gave me a renewed energy in my day-to-day knowing that I’m doing something different,’ says Kirsten.

Many adults also study at Richmond upon Thames College in order to make them better at their current job. Isabel, a merchandiser for the very popular online shop, is enrolled on our creative photography course. She wanted to better understand the technical aspect of photography because she often needs to work with partners to improve the quality of their product pictures. She enjoys the mature atmosphere of the class.

‘It is quite relaxed and conversational so you don’t feel like you are being lectured at,’ says Isabel.

Some come back to education because they eagerly want to change careers, some to open up better opportunities at work, some to start from scratch or continue where they left off years ago, and some just want to spend a few extra hours a week doing something they enjoy.

Whatever your reason is, we encourage you to explore our range of adult courses. At the right time and with the right course, you could be on your way to fulfilling two of your greatest life goals – career satisfaction and financial security.

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