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Barbican exhibition for Art and Design teacher

Monday 18 March 2013
American Landscapes American Landscapes

Phil Rudd is currently exhibiting a photography collection at the world famous Barbican Centre in London. Phil, who has spent ten years photographing western America's incredible landscape, has selected 22 images for display at the Barbican's Library gallery.

"To have the opportunity to showcase my work at such a renowned venue is fantastic and I'm hopeful that visitors will gain as much enjoyment from the photos as I did capturing and creating them," said Phil.

Using a modified film camera that captures panoramic images, Phil's hand printed traditional black and white photographs convey the variety and drama of landscape in the American west. "The process of using traditional methods instead of digital photography plays a key part in the collection," explains Phil. "You have to bring the photo to life in the dark room and the output is as equally important as the input."

Phil, who cites American photographer Ansel Adams as a key inspiration, is also working on a similar project photographing lighthouses around the UK coast.

American Landscapes: An exhibition of photographs by Phil Rudd, is on display at the Barbican Centre library until 27 March.

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