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Public meeting announced for new College Campus

Wednesday 25 March 2015

In anticipation of the Planning Application for the Education and Enterprise Campus at the Richmond upon Thames College being submitted in May, the public meeting will enable local residents to hear about the latest plans and how their views have been incorporated. They will also be able to ask key representatives of the organisations involved in developing the proposals for the Campus questions.


Richmond upon Thames College, Clarendon School, Haymarket Media Group, Harlequins, Waldegrave School, Richmond Council and Achieving for Children have been working together on the plans for the past eighteen months. In the past year, three consultations have already been held, inviting resident's views at key stages in the development process.

The Campus will include new College buildings, a new secondary school, purpose-built accommodation for Clarendon Special Needs School and Haymarket's new "tech hub" and digital media incubator. It will bring together education and enterprise, delivering innovative curricula that exploit the latest technologies. Alongside academic programmes the Campus specialisms will be creative arts and media, hospitality and leisure, digital technology, engineering and construction and sport. It will offer young people unparalleled opportunities to develop skills and pursue employment with successful global companies and other local businesses.

The College is almost ready to submit its plans to the Planning Authority. However, before then the Q and A session will help residents understand what information is being submitted as part of the application.

The meeting is on the 21 April from 7-8.30pm in the Music Studio at Richmond upon Thames College.

Robin Ghurbhurun, Principal of Richmond upon Thames College, said:

"Through the consultations and the Community Forum we have tried to keep residents informed and up-to-date with our site design.

"We are very aware that people have questions about the redevelopment. Therefore, we want to be able to explain our application before it is submitted, so at a later date they can participate in the statutory consultation – fully understanding what will be a lengthy and complicated submission."

At the heart of the Outline Planning Application will be three key documents:

1. A Development Specification that defines what the College is applying for.

2. A series of plans, known as Parameter Plans that divide the site into six distinct Development Zones. Within each Development Zone, there will also be a plan that shows the building development zone (or sports field). One of the Parameter Plans will include a plan that shows the proposed storey heights, in addition to an illustrative master plan demonstrating how the various elements of the proposed development could be accommodated on the site in a way that is consistent with the Parameter Plans.

3. A Design Code which defines what the proposed buildings and site landscape may look like.

On the Q and A panel will be:

· Robin Ghurbhurun from Richmond upon Thames College,

· John Kipps from Clarendon School,

· Mike Cronin from Haymarket Media Group,

· Mark Addicott from Harlequins,

· Mandy Skinner from Richmond Council (representing the Free School Trust)

· Graham Willett from Achieving for Children (representing the Free School Trust)

The consultants who carried out the transport and environmental impact assessments that will be submitted as part of the application, will also be attending to answer any specialist questions.

For more information vist the Education and Enterprise Campus development website.

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