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Sociology and Politics Students Attend Battle of Ideas Festival

Thursday 9 November 2023


Last week, eleven of our 1st and 2nd year Sociology and Politics students attended the Battle of Ideas Festival 2023, at Church House in Westminster. A conference put together to provide an opportunity to freely debate the big issues of our time, through a variety of voices and thinkers. Our college Debate Club also competed on the following motion, ‘Social egg freezing empowers women’ at the event.

Student, Kaychell Bertin-Maye, shared her thoughts on the experience:

“The Battle of Ideas Festival is an annual conference which focuses on ways to promote open and useful debates through panel discussions and talks on a wide range of topics including; the economy, family matters, culture and scientific ethics. The first debate I observed covered ‘The morality of surrogacy’, this captured my attention as it brought together experts and enthusiasts who passionately shared their views on a wide range of topics related to surrogacy. The exchanges between the two sides made for an insightful discussion and I realised that I agreed with points on both sides of the argument, which made it very engaging. It also made me aware of how little important topics like this are focused on in mainstream media.

I found all debates at the conference very interesting, however topics like the one mentioned felt especially significant as they highlighted the urgency in bringing these crucial conversations to the forefront. The Debate Club and I strongly believe that active engagement events like the ‘Battle of Ideas Festival’, where you can speak freely and learn from others' opinions and experiences, not only provide you with fresh perspectives on different subjects but are also incredibly educational on relevant societal issues.”

Lecturer Kasim Agpak added, “This was a perfect opportunity for our students to engage with current issues that have an impact on our daily lives. It has also provided a platform for diverse views to be heard which allows our students to form their own ideas.”

RuTC runs a Debate Club though the A Level Politics class, who actively participate in debating competitions, such as Debating Matters. If you are interested in being part of events like this, take a look at our A Level programmes and apply today.

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