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Business Students Pitch Ideas to Dragon's Den Style Panel

Monday 5 July 2021


As part of their final project, Business Level 3 students completed a Dragon’s Den style pitch, where they designed their own original business ideas and presented them to a panel of teachers.

In groups, students were given a brief to follow, where they were tasked with thinking of an original business idea, developing a business proposal and then pitching their ideas to a panel of four teachers. Following this, an award ceremony was held for students that participated and they were given a certificate and a One4all voucher as a prize.

Sam Nicoll - Assistant Head of School for Business and Service Industries, spoke of the benefits the project had for the students; “the Enterprise Project provided students the opportunity to showcase the skills they had developed during their Business courses this year. They applied their entrepreneurial ideas, knowledge of business planning, marketing, and finance, and utilised their teamworking and communication skills.

“This has been one of the most challenging years for both students and staff alike, this project provided a welcome break from the pressures of completing courses in a timely manner. The staff panel were extremely impressed with all presentations”.

Business teacher, Eche Egbuonu, said; "the enterprise project provided an excellent platform for the students to develop essential planning, teamwork and communication skills. They effortlessly applied the knowledge they gained during their studies and delivered fantastic business proposals."

Business students spoke about how the project gave them a chance to work on their presentation skills, with student Sara Burtenshaw commenting, “it helped me with team building skills and increased my skills of public speaking.

Marija Gjorgieva spoke about her ambitions of launching her own business, "I found the course really interesting and looking forward to opening my own business one day.”

Chloe Carter said; “this project helped me with speaking in front of people and helped me face my social anxiety. I had great fun working together with my team”

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