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Jack Petchey Award for Health and Social Care Student

Monday 5 July 2021


Congratulations to Martha Robinson who won a Jack Petchey achievement award this week for her contributions to the Health and Social Care Level 3 course.

The Jack Petchey Achievement Award Scheme recognises the positive contributions, efforts and endeavours of young people aged 11-25 across London and Essex. These achievements include being a great role model, volunteering, overcoming personal challenges and supporting others over and above expectations. For the Award, the winner will receive a £250 grant, which can be used for anything that will benefit their class.

Martha’s teacher Emily Sieminski-Haydar spoke of her achievement in saying “Martha did not come from a conventional educational background. However, her determination to succeed in education has meant that she has continually enhanced her understanding of subject matter and academic writing skills to the level of a university student”.

She also spoke about how Martha uses teacher’s feedback and how she assists her classmates - “She keenly incorporates teacher feedback to great success. Martha has shown herself to be kind and compassionate member of the class, aiding others with improving their work and taking on a teaching assistant role to support students to complete their qualifications this term. She has shown maturity beyond her years and overcome many obstacles with a drive to succeed. I know she will continue to achieve great things.”

Her fellow classmates also had some great things to say about Martha’s well-deserved achievement, her classmate Gianfrano Panga said “She is very kind, caring and helpful. She is supportive and very friendly, and another classmate Abi Whitacker saying “Martha is responsible and works hard. She thinks about others not just herself”.

Well done to Martha on a great achievement!

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