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Art Students Create Lockdown Rainbows

Thursday 14 May 2020

The innovative ideas and creativity that have come out of the COVID-19 lockdown have been truly inspirational. Staff and students at Richmond upon Thames College (RuTC) have continued to subvert expectations with the work that they have been doing remotely, UAL Level 3 Extended Diploma Art and Design students have created rainbows using household objects and photographed them to create a collection of beautiful images that represent the community spirt during the lockdown.

Julia Hembrow, Art and Design lecturer at RuTC, used the discoveries that Isaac Newton made during the Great Plague quarantine of 1666. Whilst in self-isolation Isaac Newton put a prism against a hole he made in a window shutter and undertook experiments that eventually led him to discover how white light is made up of the colours of the rainbow.

Julia said, “Our students have worked on some experimental image making whilst at home, based on photographing rainbows they created themselves. As the rainbow has become a symbol of positivity and appreciation for the NHS and key workers, this felt like a fitting activity for the students to explore. The result is a series of abstract and fleeting images that the students have created during lockdown.”

Students’ feedback was very positive, commenting on the fun and uplifting aspect of creating a rainbow using objects that can be found around the house, how interesting it was to replicate a concept first used in 1666 and that they liked the subtle outcome with colours blending from one to another seamlessly.

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