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Happy #GCSEResultsDay. Wondering What To Do Next? Here Are Six Options...

Thursday 25 August 2016

It’s GCSE results day. We hope you got the results you wanted. For many it could be a daunting time, thinking about what to do next. Here’s a list of six options you have after GCSEs that gives you a lot of opportunity to continue pursuing success no matter what your grades are:

Enrol at College

If you school doesn’t have a sixth form, if it is no longer an option for you, or if for any other reason you want a change of scenery, college could be the perfect place for you to come to. Have a go at our School vs College Quiz to find out if College is best for you.

Fulfil Your Dream of Studying A Levels

Whatever your results, don’t give up on studying A Levels until you have had a look at our Entry Requirements. You could be eligible for all or some of the courses of your choice. For those who enjoy a very theoretical curriculum and taking exams, studying A Levels would suit you great. We offer many combinations of A Levels. Browse our subject areas to find the courses that are right for you.

Take on Two A Levels and a Subsidiary Diploma

Interested in studying dance, law, music performance or music technology alongside your A Levels? We offer Subsidiary Diplomas (A Level equivalent) in these subject areas, which you can study alongside two A Level courses.

Study Something More Practical

Everyone has different learning styles. There are many people who don’t do A Levels but instead study a vocational course that allows them to learn through practice, projects, homework and assessment rather than mostly theory or tests. The entry requirements for these courses are usually lower than for A Levels yet the path to success in the future is a brilliant one. Browse our subject areas to find the course that is right for you.

Apply for an Apprenticeship

Another excellent option is an Apprenticeship. Apprenticeships are growing exponentially in popularity as well as in credibility. Your route to success may even be shorterned as an Apprenticeship places you directly into a company where you can start progress up the career ladder. Not only do you get a salary but you also gain a qualification, which means you could possibly still go to university if you decided not to continue working.

Retake Your GCSEs

If you narrowly missed your GCSE passes at grade C and are unsure which vocational Level 2 pathway to choose, our one year intensive GCSE Pathway programme could be your best option. You will study a package of up to 5 GCSEs including English Language, Mathematics, Media, History, Photography and Sociology.

If any of these options seem right for you, why not enrol now at one of London’s best colleges for both academic and vocational courses with a fast-growing provision of an exciting array of Apprenticeships.

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