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Industry professional and published author teaches Art and Design students

Wednesday 13 March 2019

Richmond upon Thames College (RuTC) is proud to have experienced industry professionals teaching our students skills they will be able to apply in their future work life.

One of our industry professionals is Tim Pond, Art and Design teacher at RuTC. After graduating from university, Tim decided against producing fine art or working for a gallery and chose a more practical use for his artwork. For over two decades, he has been working in a variety of media as an illustrator and graphic designer, including books, newspapers, magazines and films, as well as being a full time teacher at the college.

By being a teacher, Tim chose a career path of lifelong learning. He discovers new aspects of art and his own style every day in the classroom and on field trips. In addition, students benefit from his continuous learning, as he passes his newly gained knowledge on to them – such as in the form of his published book “The Field Guide to Drawing & Sketching Animals”.

About his book, Tim says: “This book is about enabling people with a genuine love of nature to sketch and capture some of the wonders of the natural world. There is an immense biodiversity on the earth, and as guardians of planet earth, this book encourages a greater sympathy and a deeper appreciation of our fellow creatures, with which we share this planet.” Regular field trips with his classes to London Zoo help practice drawing various animals and many of these sketches are now part of the book. Tim takes on an engineering approach to sketching animals in order to understand their physique, bone structure and movements.

Elizabeth Orji-Smith, Graphic Design, Maths and Computer Science A Level student at RuTC, says: “It is really beneficial to learn from a professional like Tim in the classroom and during trips. His experiences and approach to drawing animals, such as seeing geometric forms in their anatomy, helped me a lot and his book is a great guide. My career goal is to become a gaming designer. Being able to deconstruct animals into these forms and then to construct them again on paper or a computer will help me a lot to reach this goal.”

On Thursday 14 March at 7pm, Tim will be presenting at The Exchange in Twickenham with marine biologist Dr Helen Scales. Tim will talk people through the process of watching and sketching animals and Helen will give an insight into remarkable groups of animals beneath the waves of the ocean.

Book tickets to attend Tim’s event and find out more about studying Art and Design at RuTC.

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