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Maths GCSE

This course is only for students aged 19 years and over and is ideal for anyone looking to improve their level 2 qualification in maths. This is one of the qualifications you will need for entry to level 3 courses and for a course at university. As a nationally recognised qualification, it is also required by most employers. This short course is targetted at adults who have narrowly missed out on gaining a grade C or above at GCSE. 


This course is FREE for all those who are 19 and over and do not currently have this qualification in grades A*-C. If you are not eligible, the cost of the course is £479 (including £395 tuition fee, £34 exam fee and £50 materials fee).


Please note this is a course for adults (19+). Browse courses for 16-18 year olds.

  • Course details, fees and dates

    Course Code 23-PL2GC-MAT-1A / 10901

    Start Date Monday 04 Sep 2023

    How long is the course? 32 weeks

    What time does the course start? 6:00PM

    What time does the course end? 9:00PM

    When does the course run? Wed

    How much does the course cost? All Fees £811

    Are concessions available? This course may be FREE for you. Please refer to our Fee Concessions Information to see if you are eligible.

    Examining Body AQA

  • Co-funding

    If you meet the criteria for co-funding, then you may be entitled to pay a reduced amount. Co-funded courses are courses that are paid for entirely or in part by the government.

    The total co-funded amount for this course is: £362

  • What is the course about and how might it benefit me?

    GCSE Linear (includes exam at the end of the academic year).

    Number and Algebra

    • N1: Working with numbers and the number system
    • N2: Fractions, Decimals and Percentages
    • N3: Ratio and Proportion
    • N4: The Language of Algebra
    • N4: Expressions and Equations
    • N6: Sequences, Functions and Graphs

    Geometry and Measures

    • G1: Properties of angles and shapes
    • G2: Geometrical reasoning and calculation
    • G3: Measures and Construction
    • G4: Mensuration
    • G5: Vectors

    Statistics and Probability

    • S1: The Handling Data Cycle
    • S2: Data Collection
    • S3: Data presentation and analysis
    • S4: Data Interpretation
    • S5: Probability

    You will need to bring pen and paper, a scientific calculator and a maths set (ruler, eraser, protractor and a compass) to every class. Additional course materials will also be provided by the teacher for the purpose of study in class.

    Teaching Methods

    The units are taught in a way that helps all students to have a better understanding of mathematics. Many of the classes contain learning activities and all students are encouraged to solve problems both with and without a calculator. Worksheets, notes, PowerPoint and interactive materials are used to teach the course. A textbook is recommended to all students for additional practice and for further understanding.

    The maths tutors are very dedicated and experienced and will support you throughout your course.

  • What qualification or experience do I need to start the course?

    It is preferrable that you have already studied at GCSE level or equivalent and gained a grade D. If this is not the case, you will be asked to sit an assessment test to ensure that this is the most suitable course for you at this time.

  • How will I be taught?

    You are required to have excellent attendance and be on time for every lesson.

    You will be expected to practise examples both in class and at home. You will also be expected to spend time between classes consolidating classwork and completing any set homework. You will be required to spend around three hours per week on homework.

  • How will I be assessed?

    GCSE Linear

    Paper 1: Written paper (Non-calculator)
    Time: 1 hour 15 minutes
    Total marks possible: 70 marks
    Weighting: 40%

    Paper 2: Written paper (Calculator)
    Time: 1 hour 45 minutes
    Total marks possible: 105 marks
    Weighting: 60%

  • What qualification will I get?

    If successful, you will achieve GCSE maths grade C.

  • What can the course lead to?

    If successful, you could continue your studies at level 3.

  • How do I join the course?

    Please click on the ENQUIRE button at the top of this page.

    Your enrolment is subject to successfully completing an initial assessment.

  • How much does this course cost?

    This course is free*

    SFA funding guidelines state:

    Learners aged 19 and over, excluding apprentices, are eligible for full funding to take GCSE English and maths (including iGCSE) if they do not currently have these qualifications at grades A* to C, no matter what other qualifications they already hold. If a learner wants to ‘retake’ their GCSE English and maths because they did not achieve an A* to C grade, we would not fund the learner to just resit the exam.

    *Excluding those who have not been resident in the UK for three years or more. If you have not been resident in the UK for three years or more, you will be required to pay a fee. For more information, please call Admissions at 020 8607 8302.

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