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Work Experience and 45 Day Industry Placements


At Richmond upon Thames College (RuTC) we know how important it is for young people to gain experience in a place of work. Not only does it add context to what they are learning, it also helps them to understand what it will be like when they start their working life. Equally, we know how important it is for employers when shortlisting for positions. It can be quite difficult for some graduates to find work after their studies if they have not had any work experience. Being able to add any experience to their CV will make their applications stand out over those with little or no experience at all.

The Training Solutions Work Experience team at RuTC offers both short and longer-term work placements with a diverse range of organisations.

Work Experience

It is an essential requirement for all students studying a vocational/technical course (ie BTEC, UAL Diploma, NVQ, City and Guilds etc) to undertake up to two weeks of work experience within an industry that is related to their course. Work experience is an important part of becoming 'workplace-ready' and building useful skills that is not always taught in the classroom. Having the right work experience can make a big difference when applying for a job.

The Training Solutions Work Experience team works in partnership with a number of prominent employers to deliver meaningful work experience placements for students of all levels across various courses. Students can sign up and find out more on Moodle in the Work Experience section, or drop in to see The Training Solutions Work Experience team at the Enterprise Centre by the main Reception.

45 Day industry placements

45 Day Industry Placements is a new government initiative that pilots this academic year. This is part of a bigger programme called T levels, which is set to launch nationwide in 2020. The aim of the placements is to provide 16-19 year olds studying vocational/technical courses with real-life industry experience. Richmond upon Thames College is piloting the placement element in 2018-19 across the full curriculum in all areas where students can undertake work experience. Due to the number of required work experience days under this scheme, students will have the opportunity to complete their placement during college holidays, such as the summer break.

What are T Levels?

Initially, the full T Level programme will launch across three different curriculum areas in 2020:

  • Digital
  • Construction
  • Education and Childcare

By 2023 there are plans for 23 different T Level pathways.

T Levels are two-year technical programmes. They are substantial Level 3 courses, with funding for over 900 hours per year (equivalent to studying three A Levels).

The programme is made up of a range of components, including concepts and theories, employability skills, numeracy, literacy and digital skills and occupational specialisms.

As part of the full programme of study, learners will also complete a minimum of 315 hours (approx. 45 days) in an occupationally specific industry placement, focussed on developing practical and technical skills. The placement should be with an external employer in a real life-working environment.

Information for students

The Work Experience team in Training Solutions will work with you to identify a suitable industry placement to fit with your course objectives.

To find out more contact:
Telephone: 020 8607 8000
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Information for employers

As part of the college’s pilot of the placement element of the T-level programme, interested students will complete an industry placement. These students will arrive work ready and will be expected to complete 45 days of work experience covering 315 hours (consisting of 7-7.5 hours per day). Industry placement can be completed throughout the academic year and we would work closely with you to arrange a structure to meet your industry’s needs.

We recognise the vital role employers play in developing the workforce and delivering outstanding practice. Collaborating through industry placement will provide the correct calibre of students to enhance any workforce. If you are interested in supporting industry placements and upskilling of the workforce, please get in contact with our Work Experience team.

Telephone: 020 8607 8000
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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