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My World My Home


My World My Home is a prestigious leadership development programme for young people, in association with Friends of the Earth and NUS. Students from Richmond upon Thames College have taken part since 2017.

Over the course of a year, students plan and organise a local community campaign that makes a tangible change for the environment.

If you chose to complete the written part of the course you will get a Level 3 Award in Community Campaigning, with 8 UCAS points.

Find out more about what’s involved in joining the My World My Home programme on the Friends of the Earth website.

If you would like to sign up for a taster session in September 2018, contact Hazel Coppin: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or if you have any questions, email Laura McFarlane-Shopes from Friends of the Earth: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Read the RuTC Plastic Free Charter


My World My Home student, Isaac, explains what the group has done this year:

Isaac Skrzypczyk“With My World My Home, you do many different positive actions that influence the direction of our college. In September we planned out how we were going to figure out what students at RuTC cared about, and so we held an action where we spoke to students about what environmental issue they cared most about. Students voted with cardboard counters in glass jars, and waste won.

In October, all the members of My World My Home went to a training weekend that was run by the staff at Friends of the Earth, where we learnt a lot about community campaigning and we planned how our next few months should go to make sure our campaign was successful.

We held a survey to find out which specific type of waste we should tackle out of plastic, food, waste and paper - plastic waste was what students chose.

We held other stalls to gain traction for our message of a "Plastic Free RuTC" and we gathered many signatures! With all this support, we were ready to speak with members of the college management team, including the Principal and CEO, Robin Ghurbhurun. Robin and managers in Estates and the Refectory have been a great support on our campaign and without them, a plastic free RuTC would not be possible!

We now have a plastic free charter, one for students and one for the college to abide by to make sure RuTC is as environmentally friendly as possible.”

My World My Home member, Rufus, shares what you can expect from being part of the programme:

Rufus Irvine

“As a part of the My World My Home group, you can expect opportunities to develop a wide range of skills relating to not just the environment and campaigning, but organising groups and meetings, ensuring a space is welcoming and inclusive, and increasing communication and negotiation skills.

Part of the campaigning will be setting up events around the college to raise awareness of the group as well as gauging student’s opinion, gaining confidence when speaking, at your own pace.

You will likely have meetings with senior college officials including the principal and many heads of departments, where you will learn how to chair meetings and push to achieve your goals. The end result for you is a qualification, great experiences on the free residential trips, and tangible change inside the college.”

Read the RuTC Plastic Free Charter

RuTC students and staff engage in discussions about the enviroment
  • RuTC students and staff engage in discussions about the enviroment
  • My World My Home group in Canteen talking to RuTC students about campaign issues
  • RuTC students vote on the manners which mean most to them for My World My Home to use in their camapaign
  • My World My Home launch the plastic free charter initiative with RuTC students
  • Principal and CEO Robin Ghurbhurun signs and launches the Plastic Free charter for RuTC



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