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How to Apply

Thank you for your interest in applying to Richmond upon Thames College

You will need to apply via the individual course pages. Once you have decided on the course you want to study, there will be an 'apply' button on the course page, click this button and follow the instructions. Applications usually take around 15 minutes to complete. 

Applying for Vocational and Technical courses 

If you are applying for a BTEC, UAL, NVQ, City and Guilds Diploma, etc. head to the course page of the subject you are interested in and click the 'apply' button. You only need to apply for one course and we will invite you in for an interview for this programnme. Browse our courses.

Applying for A Levels

If you are applying for an A Level programme, head to one of the A Level subject pages that you want to study and click 'apply'. You will only need to apply once, you do not need to apply for each of the A Level courses that you want to study. Once we have your application, we will invite you in for your A Level interview, this is where you will need to confirm which three A Levels you want to take. Browse our A Level subjects.

Applying for an Apprenticeship

Applying for an Apprenticeship is a little different to applying for A Levels or a vocational course. Apprenticeships are jobs with training, so rather than applying for the course, you apply for the job. You can browse our Apprenticeship vacancies here.

What happens after you apply for a course?

Please note that this process has changed slightly due to restrictions around coronavirus. Details of the new process are available here. 

After you have submitted your online application you will be invited to attend an interview at the College. Don't worry – we call it an interview but it's more of a chat to go through your application and make sure that the course(s) you have chosen are right for you. You will be asked for your predicted grades, if you do not have these at the time of your interview you will just need to provide these at a later date.

We will email and text you to confirm the date and time of your interview, which is usually within two weeks of receiving your application. However, this can be longer during busy periods. If this date and time isn't suitable, then just let us know and we'll change it (details on how to do this will be in the email). We'll also send a reminder couple of days before your interview and another one on the morning of your interview.

When you arrive, our Commissionaires at the front gate will direct you to a temporary reception where you will be greeted by our friendly team who will tell you where you need to go. You will be sent to a waiting area with others who have also come in for their interview. Your teacher will collect you and you will have your interview. This process should take between 30 minutes to an hour, but may take longer with some of the more popular subjects or subjects where an audition is required. 

At the end of your interview, you'll be given the following:

  • A welcome pack which contains information about the college
  • Email confirmation of your offer shortly after this (usually the following Friday). You will need to respond to this email to accept the offer.

Remember, we are here to help you at all stages of your student journey!

Closing date

We do not have a closing date for applications but we advise that you apply as early as possible during the academic year - usually all interviews/offers would be completed be the end of June.

The offer

If we offer you a conditional place during your interview it means that provided you meet our entry criteria, which will be based on your GCSE results, you will be able to start your course in September. 


It is essential that you attend a final enrolment session prior to starting your course – details will be sent to you in early August, providing you with the date and time of your enrolment interview. 

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