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Fees and Charges

Full or part-time students aged 16, 17 or 18 on 31st August of the academic year in which a course commences will not be asked to pay tuition or examination fees*. For most subjects, students will be required to pay for personal tools/equipment, books and materials. There are also charges for individual group music lessons and educational visits arranged as part of the course. Where possible we will advise you of such charges in advance of enrolment.

UK and EU students aged 19 or over on 31st August 2020 and non-EU students will be able to join our A Level and vocational courses (subject to meeting our entry requirements) and will normally be required to pay tuition fees**. Advanced Learner Loans may be available for study at Level 3 or Level 4.

Fees may be charged as follows:

A Level programme (2 year course)

1 x A Level = £850 per annum

2 x A Levels = £1,700 per annum

3 x A Levels = £2,550 per annum

Plus registration/exam fees = £120 per A Level  

Vocational programme (eg BTEC / CACHE / UAL)

Level 3 (2 year course) = £2,550 per annum

Level 2 (1 year course) = £2,170

Level 1 (1 year course) = £2,170


In 2019/20 for study up to and including Level 2 the full-time tuition fee for UK and EU students aged 19 and over was £2,170 per annum***. For all non-EU students aged 16 and over the tuition fee was £8,050 per annum.

* subject to certain conditions

** concessions may be applicable depending on individual circumstances

*** except for our higher education courses, Access to Higher Education Diplomas and Foundation Diploma in Art and Design (Pre-BA)

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