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Students' Union

The Student Union Executive Committee is comprised of eight students who are democratically elected by the student body each March. Any student who has good attendance, behaviour and punctuality may stand for election.

The SU manage a budget, liaise with college staff on behalf of students, represent students' views at meetings, plan events and activities, support enrichment activities, and promote Learner Voice across college. They have an office where students can drop in during lunchtimes to discuss ideas, concerns or queries. Elections for new officers take place every year during the Summer Term. 

The 2018/19 RuTC Students' Union

Presidentcurrently a vacant position as of 13th November 2018

Vice-President: Rufus Irvine

Treasurer: Nathan Gomes

Equality, Diversity and Environment Officer: Isaac Skrzypczyk

Secretary and Enrichment Officer: Desislava Gospodinova

Events and Marketing Officer: Kirandeep Kaur

Estates and Facilities Officer: Shamir Khan

Education Officer: currently a vacant position as of 6th November 2018

President - Chanay Ismael

Vice-President - Rufus Irvine

Treasurer - Nathan Gomes

Equality, Diversity and Environment Officer - Isaac Skrzypczyk

Secretary and Enrichment Officer - Desislava Gospodinova

Events and Marketing Officer - Kirandeep Kaur

Education Officer -  is a vacant position at the moment

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