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College life is more than class, homework and exams

Students have so many opportunities to get involved outside of the classroom. The College is commited to helping our students become all-rounded, multi-skilled and highly employable. Students are able to take up positions of leadership in different clubs, run projects, enter competitions, invest in a hobby or skill and socialise in a more academically-diverse environment.

Find out more about the opportunities:

  • Enrichment programmes: students have access to a number of extra-curricular programmes including Games Club, Brew Monday, Book Club, Art Therapy, Dungeons and Dragons, French Conversation, Gym, Boxing, Netball, Lifting, Badminton, Basketball, Football, Wheelchair Basketball
  • Sports Academies: students can excel in sport by joining our competitive teams or they can just play sports for fun; including the use of the college gym.
  • Student Ambassadors: have great opportunities to get involved and also to stand out on their CVs and/or UCAS applications.  

At Richmond upon Thames College we are dedicated to giving you all the opportunities and experiences you need to be prepared for success in Higher Education and the world of work. Apply now to study at Richmond upon Thames College for an enriching and unforgettable college life and experience.

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