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Richmond Xtra – College Enrichment Activities

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Develop yourself and enjoy a richer college life 

We encourage all of our students to take up something in addition to their chosen subjects. Many of our enrichment activities run from September to the end of the academic year, while others offer you the opportunity to do something for a short time only. Some activities lead to nationally recognised qualifications, while others are just for fun! These activities allow you to enhance some of your skills whilst meeting new people outside of your subject areas. Our aim is to offer something for everyone so that you have a great time whilst learning.

The College offers numerous different Richmond Xtra activities including creative writing, art, sports, faith groups, debate club, mentoring, volunteering and more. Find the full list of Richmond Xtra activities and clubs here. You can also find out more about playing recreational sports at the College

Why spend the time doing Richmond Xtra activities?

There are MANY reasons:

Make friends outside your course
Discover cool books, films, ideas and more
Develop your own opinions and ideas
Do something fun inbetween classes
Enhance your CV and skills
Get excerise while enjoying yourself
Be part of a team
Develop your character and personality
Make a difference to other people lives through volunteering
Express yourself and your creativity
Make things you will love and be proud of

Each week is full of activities, events and opportunities for students to develop into the best they can be. 

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