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SoundBites. Students talk about life at the College, including their favourite subjects, what they get up to with their friends, and more.

Nick: 'The advice I would give to future students is... do the work when it's set.'

Chloe: 'When I came to the open day the Principal said "we want you to have fun" and that did it for me.'

Luca: '[With] the internationalism inside the classrooms, it's very interesting to get different perspectives.'

Anu: 'I have a teacher called Iain and he really makes the classes fun.'

Jessie: 'We get to choose whatever we want to experiment on. It's really nice just to be able to investigate what we want to.'

Sunny: 'I like how the courses are structured. You get to know what you are doing before you are actually do it. So you get to prepare.'

Oke: 'You've got a lot of freedom. Now you've got to use it wisely.'

Renee: 'It's really easy to make friends outside of your course. There's just so much to do.'

Cindy: 'You need to put in the effort.'

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