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HPT5 Specialist Programme (Body Mapping, Functional Biomechanics & Injury Management)

The HPT5 Specialist Programme is specifically designed for experienced practitioners in fitness and training who seek to expand their technical understanding and business knowledge. It is the only educational programme which blends ground-breaking technical studies with in-depth insights into the world of business proposition design, brand creation and strategic execution. You will emerge from the programme having gained outstanding technical and commercial skills to expand your business into new areas locally and on an international level.


The programme is strictly customised offering a unique learning experience, which combines body mapping, functional biomechanics and injury management skills to propel your technical capabilities to new heights. You will find yourself with opportunities to step up into the world of healthcare, alongside Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors in order to develop rewarding referral networks, where you are treated as an equal. Or you may be setting up your own team of Personal Trainers in a new studio or perhaps even have a compelling idea of growing your business into a new area and seek additional commercial skills to be able to build a sustainable and profitable business offering.


Your understanding of the science underpinning human movement will ensure that you possess a strong appreciation of the musculoskeletal loading patterns during activity and consequently, the optimal way in which to deliver innovative and ground breaking, programming strategies. You will become highly skilled at preventing injury and accelerating performance whether your clients are high performance athletes or the casual trainer.


Binding these technical skills is the critical capacity to grow your business sustainably, using our Service Leadership approach. Capitalising upon unique industry tailored content, the approach will help you develop new lines of business and create personal and business brands so that you build exponentially on your current success.


By exploring the best practices of successful global business leaders, you will improve your ability to run an end-to-end business, anticipate and respond to competitive threats, and capitalise on emerging industry trends and opportunities. The programme will enable you to develop a new offering to a targeted audience and step into the next phase of your career.


You will learn who your customer really is, what their unmet need is and what your unique offering to them really means. The programme is tailored to embed the skills the Personal Trainer requires to become a truly credible, business aware and well-respected industry leader in fitness and healthcare with the hands-on capability to build a thriving and compelling business, which can compete on the global stage.

  • More course information

    How much does the course cost? All Fees £1,195

    Is this course eligible for an Advanced Learner Loan? Yes

    Are concessions available? If you are 19-23 or receiving benefits, please refer to our Fee Concessions Information.

    Is an interview required? Yes

  • What qualification or experience do I need to start the course?

    We recommend that you have a minimum of Level 3 Personal Trainer or equivalent qualification or experience.

  • How will I be taught?

    The emphasis will be on practical learning, interactive discussion and hands on experience. You will carry out small group workshop activities to grow your hands-on capabilities and then extend these by working with real clients. This will mean some time in the classroom to develop your underpinning knowledge, but with plenty of sessions allocated to the gym for practical skills development.

    The well developed apps we use come included in the price. You will have pre-course reading to prepare you for the course and will be expected to study outside the classroom to complete assignments and additional reading.

  • How will I be assessed?

    You will be assessed regularly throughout the course and will receive ongoing feedback to update you on your progress. The assessments will comprise practical presentations to your group and sessions with live clients.

  • What qualification will I get?

    If successful, you will achieve the following Continuing Professional Development certificate:

    • HPT5 Specialist Programme. Containing:
    • Body Mapping and Hands on Neuromuscular Techniques
    • Functional Biomechanics, Assessment and Programming
    • Injury Management, Screening and Rehabilitation
    • Business Proposition Design, Brand Management and Customer Centric Strategy Execution
  • What can the course lead to?

    Successful completion of the HPT5 Specialist Programme can progress your Personal Training career on to higher level career pathways.

  • How do I join the course?

    To enrol, click the Add to Basket button at the top of the page. Please note that your final acceptance on to this course will be subject to an interview, either by telephone or in person.

  • Further information
    Body Mapping and Hands on Neuromuscular Techniques

    Technical excellence starts with exceptional anatomical and physiological foundations. This programme blends supreme musculoskeletal knowledge with sublime hands on techniques to ensure you power past the competition.

    If you are the kind of fitness professional who wants to excel in technical capability, marketing skills and client service, we can give you the ideal springboard.

    This is the first part of the HPT5 Specialist Programme and is designed to develop your knowledge of the musculoskeletal system to new levels of proficiency – levels that speak of credibility and respect. Most importantly, you will convert this knowledge into the capability to easily identify bony, muscular and ligamentous structures on your clients. You will then use this robust foundation to allow you to hone hands on neuromuscular techniques – attracting new prospects and raising service levels to your existing clients.


    Functional Biomechanics, Assessment and Programming

    If you want to lead from the front – be the trainer who delivers with credibility, who commands the respect of frontline healthcare professionals such as Physiotherapists, you need a superb armoury of functional biomechanics knowledge and hands on skills.

    Creating diverse programmes, which ensure your clients have fun but help prevent them becoming injured, is founded in supreme technical ability and the service leadership skills to bring your offering to your target audience.

    You will learn the detail behind human movement - how bones move in three dimensions in space and how our bodies assimilate the forces of ground contact.

    Understanding how forces translate through joints, ligaments, capsules and the muscles, ultimately means you can accurately assess a client’s capacity to move efficiently and where issues exist, re-establish confident movement patterns using specific programming and hands on interventions.


    Injury Management, Screening and Rehabilitation

    Clients commonly experience aches, pains and injuries. So they often need an informed view on the best way to deal with them to avoid further problems.

    That’s where you step in - confidently evaluating their case history, providing objective musculoskeletal assessments and functional tests. This will allow you to provide an informed view on whether you can employ exercise programming to assist your client, or whether referral to another healthcare professional is safer and more appropriate.

    Where exercise is indicated, you will learn the key facets of building a progressive programme based on sound Functional Biomechanics knowledge learned at Stage 2 of the HPT5 Specialist Programme.


    Business Proposition Design

    How do you articulate value? How do you describe the difference you make and why? How do you cascade aspiration and vision into sustainable revenue? Business proposition design commences with a structured approach to identifying an unmet customer need and then offering a compelling and genuine solution, which resolves that need. You will understand how to become a true leader in our globally, connected digital world.

    Why do some companies succeed and others fail? You will gain valuable insights into why the most successful companies in the world create an invincible proposition. They grasp the meaning of providing ‘world-class’ service. We will talk about the strategic ‘undefended ground’ that we can capture and make impregnable. We will also look at actual case studies of why a company can fall from being a global leader to bankruptcy in a matter of months and why their closest competitor continues to increase revenue and profitability, what lessons can be learnt and applied to your Personal Training business?

    How has the nature of work changed? What does this mean to creating a sustainable and profitable business? Why is it that most of our decisions are not decided by logic but by emotion, what impact is this having on successful proposition design? To create a committed client we need to gain not only their functional loyalty but also their emotional loyalty. You will learn how to create compelling business propositions, which differentiate you from others and which also, build a loyal customer base.


    Brand Management

    What is the concept of brand – the perception you hold in the mind of others? Why is it important to build a brand? Brand management takes your aspiration and vision a step closer to becoming a reality. The strength of your brand will determine whether you are considered a ‘trusted advisor,’ offering real value that people will want to pay for, or a ‘commodity vendor,’ someone who cannot compete on value but on cost alone.

    Potential clients will not be foremost attracted to you by your product or even service, they will firstly be attracted by your perspective, which underpins the way people perceive you in the world, by your brand.

    How do people assimilate the way you are perceived by others? How is perception defined? You will analyse its three basic components. You will understand the importance of ‘hospitality’ to your brand presence. What core values are sacrosanct, the values which defend your brand’s integrity? You will understand how the proper brand concept can gain the trust, embed belief and confirm the certainty that what you are offering is a genuine solution to the customer’s aspirations and needs whilst allaying their fears and concerns.


    Customer Centric Strategy Execution

    Good strategy is meaningless without first class execution. How do you take your aspiration and vision to market? What routes of access to your targeted customer base do you identify, create and build? What is your minimum viable product? What is your revenue model? Are you low cost and high volume, or low volume and high cost? You will define a clear strategy to market, defining processes and performance metrics that lead to critical, business winning outcomes.

    What alliances will strengthen your proposition, what is your ability to connect with fitness professionals and healthcare organisations that would be keen to promote your compelling business proposition?

    How do your communicate your proposition to new customers? We look at the ’12 steps to client conversion’ which build upon the trust your brand has generated and ensure that initial customer meeting which we call ‘The Welcome Window” concludes with an additional customer to your business portfolio.

    What is your social media strategy? Does your website content fully reflect your capability and potential to add value?

    The execution segment will realise the aspiration of our Service Leadership segment, to create the leader of tomorrow in personal training, fitness and healthcare.

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