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Social Sciences

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Study social sciences to develop your own opinion and understanding of people, culture, politics and society

The world is an extremely interesting place where the way people think and find their identity is influenced by and shapes culture and society. Politics and World Development are complex things, not only dependent on the human desire to help others, but also impacted by bureaucracy and difficult decision-making. Studying intriguing patterns of human behaviour, movement and lifestyle can be extremely informative and helpful in understanding what society needs to thrive. If you want to study something intellectually stimulating and thought-provoking, study social sciences.

Some of your course options include:

  • Learn about the interactions between humans and the environment as well as population change, globalisation and contemporary world issues in our Geography AS/A2 Level course.
  • Discover the main political influences, structures and concepts in our Government and Politics: Global Politics AS/A2 Level course and delve into the particulars of different ways of thinking in politics in our Government and Politics: Political Ideologies AS/A2 Level course.
  • Study social and abnormal behaviour, the development of the mind and behaviour and research methods in our Psychology AS/A Level course.
  • Develop a critical understanding of sociological ideas in education, religion, culture, mass media and more in our Sociology AS/A Level course.
  • Learn to think independently and knowledgeably about global justice, poverty alleviation, sustainability and globalisation in our World Development AS/A2 course.

Enhance the way you think and debate. If you are 16-18 years old, apply now to study social sciences at RuTC.

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