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ESOL: Term 1 – September 2023

Our ESOL courses are aimed at developing your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills at Pre-Entry, Entry 1, 2, 3 and Level 1 & 2. You will study reading, writing, speaking and listening in the context of everyday life so you can successfully seek work, progress to further study and play your part in the community. 

There are 16.5 hours of teaching each week for 35 weeks.


Learners will be given tuition in speaking and listening skills, grammar and vocabulary based on the English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL): Skills for Life Core Curriculum.

  • Day: 3 hours twice a week  (Monday/Wednesday, Tuesday/Thursday, Wednesday/Friday)

  • Evening: We hope to start evening courses in the near future

  • All Levels – from Pre-Entry & E1 to Level 2 (classes are run subject to numbers)
  • Each course consists of 3 Modules:   

         1. Speaking & Listening

         2. Reading

         3. Writing

Students can take exams every term (and move up levels during the year) or take all 3 exams at the end of the course.


  • Qualifications: ESOL Skills for Life


  • Exam Boards: Pearson and Trinity

  • Students should purchase their own Course Book (around £20-25)


  • Entry requirements:

  • Initial Assessment & Interview to establish your level of English

Start Date: 4th September 2023 and End Date: 5th July 2024


This course is free for eligible students, please see 'fee concessions' below for more information or contact our Admissions Team: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please note this is a course for adults (19+). Search courses for 16-18 year olds.


    • Course fee information

      Please note that for most students the course is free. If you meet the criteria for co-funding, then you may be entitled to pay a reduced amount. Co-funded courses are courses that are paid for entirely or in part by the government.

      The total co-funded amount for this course is: £300

      Students who have higher earnings, may have to pay £600. Please contact our Admissions team for more information by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   

    • What qualification or experience do I need to start the course?

      Exam Boards: Ascentis ESOL Skills for Life Certificates in Reading, Writing, Speaking & listening  

      These courses are for EU residents, refugees or asylum seekers whose first language is not English. We will assess your level of English before you enrol on the course. You must demonstrate at interview that you are able to commit to the programme of study, attend 100% of all classes, and complete set work to deadlines.

    • How will I be taught?

      You will learn in a friendly environment, either at college or in local community centres through the use of group activities, discussions, games and projects. We will do everything we can to support and guide you to reach your goals.

    • How will I be assessed?

      There will be regular assessment throughout the course leading to ESOL qualifications.

    • What qualification will I get?

      You will get a City & Guild certificate in ESOL skills for life.

    • What can the course lead to?

      If you successfully complete your qualification you may decide to progress to a higher level or the ESOL Writing qualification. You may also apply for a job based on your improved English Skills.

    • How do I join the course?

      Please click the blue 'Apply' button on this page and you will be invited for an interview. We will assess your suitability and level of course that we can offer you.

    • Further information

      You may be eligible for the course fees to be waived if you are unemployed and receiving benefits including: Housing Benefit, Income Support, Council Tax Benefit, Pension Credit or JSA – Job Seekers Allowance







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