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Leading the way in equality and diversity

Since the introduction of the Equality Act in October 2010, equality and diversity has been a hot topic across a wide range of industries using the legal framework to further protect the rights of individuals and aid the advancement of equal opportunities. At Richmond upon Thames College, the new legislation has been used to further support the college’s moral responsibility in promoting these values to learners.

Collaborative tool to build trust among art students

In order to encourage her students to take more risks in their artistic practice, RuTC Art Foundation teacher Caroline King tries to build trust, relationships and fearlessness among her cohort. One very effective way in which she is able to do this is through the use of the online tool Padlet into her classroom.

Teaching communication skills to Science students

At RuTC, one way in which we improve teaching practice is by assigning Teaching and Learning Advocates from one curriculum area to another very different one. For instance, RuTC English teacher, Helen Upfield, works alongside the Science and Maths department to discuss and implement ideas for more effective learning. 

Effective teaching mimics on-the-job training

Vocational courses are great for transitioning straight after college into a defined career. Construction crafts is one of those subjects where the majority of students enter employment, usually through Apprenticeships, directly after qualifying at college. Being thrust into the world of work is not easy for any 18 year old.

Competitive quiz app boosts student engagement

Will Stewart, RuTC Sport and Exercise teacher, made an important discovery on a trip with 10 of his friends. They were all sitting together, battling each other via a quiz app on their phones, trying their best to think and click on the correct answer the fastest to get the highest number of points.

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