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Sport and Exercise Activity Apprentice

sports and games coaching assistant at Colet Court School and Richmond upon Thames College in London 1

Gymnastics to Lacrosse

“I most enjoy working with a wide variety of children as there is a large diversity between them, whether it’s their age, ability, development level or personality as an individual. In gymnastics, rugby, lacrosse and many other sports I have the opportunity to practise and support different lessons with varied age groups. Alongside P.E lessons I also have the opportunity to coach my own rugby, football and cricket teams throughout the three seasons. This means I have the chance to work with different ability teams from A through to E.”

Jade chose an apprenticeship because: “I was indecisive about whether to go to university or whether to start work. Due to this I realised that an apprenticeship was the best option as it allowed me to work in a professional environment where I can learn and gain new skills whilst having an income. I also believe that I am more of a kinaesthetic learner and therefore find it easier to absorb new information and learn from others around me than learning in a classroom.”

RuTC have supported Jade: “in many ways. First of all they were able to find me a fantastic school that has allowed me to complete my apprenticeship with them this year. They have also supported the theory side of my apprenticeship by doing workshop days throughout the year. This means the college is able to monitor my progress and I can meet other individuals on the same course and use the facilities which are open to us as part of the apprenticeship.”

Lessons learnt so far: “The opportunities to learn in a new workplace are endless. Not only do you learn from experience but you are also able to speak to other members of staff that have a great level of knowledge and have spent many years in the workplace. I have learnt new ways of dealing with children’s behaviour and individual needs as well as learning a great deal about rugby and coaching. I believe that I will continue learning many new skills and therefore will continue to grow my knowledge as the course goes on.”

Jade’s future plans include: “carrying out a level 4 apprenticeship where I will be able to teach independently rather than as an assistant. It will also enable me to complete different sports related qualifications, including my level 1 & 2 goal keeping qualifications and level 2 FA football coaching, to ensure I can provide the highest level training to my participants.”

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