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School or College: Why College is Better

need help deciding if to go to school or college here are the reasons why you should choose college and why it is better than school for some students

Take This Quiz to See if College is Better for You

The above animation was created by one of our visual effects and media students Thomas Paul. He started off doing A Levels in school but transferred soon after he realised it wasn't for him. Every year, students from around London choose to come to Richmond upon Thames College over staying at their sixth form or local school. Take the short quiz below to find out which one is better suited to you: college or school. Write down your answers on a paper and use the key below to calculate your results.

1. What style of learning works best for you?

A. I love learning theory, making notes, homework and written exams. 
B. I love learning by doing i.e. making things, creating, doing practical exercises, etc. 
C. I love learning on the job, surrounded by professionals and experts in the field.

2. What do you want the most?

A. To get an academic qualification and go to university.
B. To transition quickly into a career, doing what I love and making money as soon as possible.
C. To spend my time and education discovering what I love to do.

3. How do you like to be taught and tested?

A. I like when my teachers tell me exactly how to learn, what to study and give me strict timetables and deadlines for homework.
B. I am self-motivated and like to study and learn at my own pace and not be under the pressure of too many strict rules.
C. I like to be taught by example, from people who practice in the field.

4. How do you like to be tested?

A. I love studying for and doing exams and think they are the best way to test my ability.
B. I like to be assessed based on my practical skills and how well I could do something, not just study it.
C. I prefer projects and assignments to exams.

5. What clothing do you prefer?

A. I love a uniform, it is easier for me.
B. I want to wear my own clothes and express my own style.
C. I love to use actual work-related uniforms e.g. chefs outfits, engineering suits, construction equipment etc.

6. What do you want to study?

A. I have chosen a very typical combination of subjects e.g. all sciences, all humanities (history and language)
B. I am passionate about one subject in particular e.g. media, catering, engineering, construction, travel and tourism, childcare, etc.
C. I love many varied subjects and want to study a unique combination.

7. How much do you like being at school?

A. I LOVE school and definitely don't want to leave yet.
B. I like school but want a new environment and to meet different people from London and make new friends.
C. I don't like school and can't wait to leave. 

Score Key:

Each letter is allocated a specific number of points. A = 1 B = 2 C = 3


If you scored between 7 and 10 points both school and college could be the best option for you!

You love rules and uniforms and the standard way of studying for exams. You are mostly academic and enjoy learning theory and memorising it. You prefer to study where you have been studying for the last five years and the subjects you want to study are offered in most schools.

If you scored between 10 and 17 college is a better option for you!

You are an independent learner who thrives when you are given the space to explore what you love and are tested based on your skills. You love to develop practical skills that will get you into into a great career in the next 3-4 years and you feel comfortable being around new people, in a diverse environment. Is this correct? Why not apply now to study at Richmond upon Thames College in September 2016.

If you scored over 17 you should DEFINITELY come to college!

You really enjoy learning on the job or by doing things rather than studying them. You want to express your own style and have a flexible timetable. You are passionate and enjoy being around diverse people and making new friends. You want to surround yourself with more people who are like you and love the things you love. You definitely want a change of environment from your school. Is this correct? Why not apply now to study at Richmond upon Thames College in September 2016.

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