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For the end of the summer term, Richmond upon Thames College (RuTC) HNC and HND Graphic Design students, were instructed to use the theme ‘sustainability’ to create their respective final major projects.

The students were given free rein with this project and turned this globally crucial theme into two exciting website projects.

In total, 9 students took part in the two group projects, 6 for HNC and 3 for HND. The HNC students titled their project 'Green Ldn’ and the HND students, named their project ‘Evergreen trail.’

The students are passionate about educating and encouraging others about the beauty and feasibility of sustainable living and banded together to use their graphic design and craft skills.

Green LDN was designed with pastel and ice cream colours to bring a sense of fun and show that sustainable living can be an enjoyable way of living. Each student created their own page on the website ‘Green Ldn’ named after their specific project and offering the option to either buy or make sustainable items listed on their webpage.

The EverGreen Trail project is on display in Orleans Gallery Twickenham and is a walkable adventure around the gallery’s courtyard displaying hand-made ceramic animals – each with a QR code linking back to the EverGreen website with information on where the animal can be found, what they eat and other information. Again, each student had their own dedicated page on the site which illustrated their specialist topic.

Tim Pond, Architecture and Graphic Design teacher at RuTC explains, “Living sustainably enhances our standard of living, safeguards our ecology, and protects natural resources for future generations. Living sustainably means we can live and flourish without depleting more natural resources. Particularly in the case of the HNC project by reusing and reimaging the things we have already made.”

“By increasing awareness, art and design practices can significantly contribute to sustainability. It is also important for us as practitioners to think about how sustainability concerns affect our own practice.

“Our choices regarding the tools and techniques we employ in our work can help to create a more sustainable future.”

Learn more about studying HNC Graphic Design at RuTC here 

Check out some great photos of the sustainability projects in the gallery below. 

Richmond upon Thames College (RuTC) acting student, Loresa Leka was one of 8 playwriters shortlisted out of 400 entries for the National Theatre’s ‘New Views’ competition 2022. 

Loresa, who studies Acting Level 3 at RuTC was encouraged by her teacher to submit an entry to the National Theatre’s annual ‘New Views’ playwriting competition for young people aged 14 – 19. 

Teapot Troubles is based on true experiences and stories passed down through Loresa’s family, experienced during the 98-99 Kosovan war. 

Loresa’s parents make up two of the members of her family that became refugees of the war and have since passed down stories and anecdotes of their experiences during that time. 

Jane Swift, Acting teacher at RuTC and Loresa's teacher, thought the playwriting competition would be a fantastic opportunity for her students to get involved in, as practical experience in their acting journeys. 

Loresa knew she would base her script on her family’s experience of war to educate and share her story with others. 

Teapot Troubles features five characters who each illustrate stories from different perspectives of the same time. 

Loresa explains, “What I found most challenging was incorporating these stories into one, as there are so many people and intertwining stories involved. I was originally going to write it as a patchwork of stories from one character’s perspective, but thought it was more meaningful to create a variety of relatable characters instead.” 

Teapot Troubles was one of eight shortlisted plays out of 400 entries from all around the UK, and the play will receive a professional rehearsed reading in the Clore Learning Centre at the National Theatre in July 2022. 

‘New Views’ is a National Theatre initiative to encourage and empower young people to tell the stories that matter to them, as well as conveying the power of theatre to create a place of community and a shared experience of storytelling. 

Jane Swift was overjoyed at Loresa’s accomplishment, remarking “I am very proud of the fact that many people will be able to have and share some understanding of what this situation was in the 1990s. It is really important that at this time we share what happens in parts of the world that we may not necessarily experience or even have any knowledge about and to teach our students that peace is a privilege and peacekeeping a challenge within certain power structures that we cannot take for granted.”

Update: As of 10/11/22 the National Theatre have asked for Loresa’s play 'Teapot Troubles' to be professionally recorded for the National Theatre. 


During the summer term, Richmond upon Thames College Level 2 Plumbing student, Harry Powell, winner of the monthly Jack Petchey award used his cash reward of £300 to take himself and two of his classmates, Christian Keers and Daniel Hinds to Zoological Society of London (ZSL).

Harry decided he wanted to use his £300 reward on a trip for himself and his peers that was fun, had an educational value and would be an experience they would remember for a long time.

The students were able to talk with some of the zookeepers on the trip, learning about the important conservation work they do.

Raj Johal, Construction Crafts teacher, was really impressed by the students’ curiosity and passion for the animals they encountered, explaining, “It was quite beautiful to see the young men becoming invested in the animals they were meeting, they were asking lots of good questions and it seemed like a bit of a lightbulb moment when they realised how intersecting nature and humanity are.

“They really enjoyed their trip together; it was a lovely way to wind down and have fun together after a busy year of studying hard. They learnt so much, including seeing a pregnant sloth have an ultrasound! It was an experience they will never forget.

Harry is thankful to the Jack Petchey Foundation reward, saying “It was an inspiring day, I learnt a lot about things I've not even thought about before and I was glad that I chose to use the prize money to help support ZSL and the amazing work they do.

“I’m also very thankful to RUTC and the Jack Petchey Foundation for the work they do for their students.”

Learn more about studying Plumbing at RuTC here - https://www.rutc.ac.uk/courses/construction-and-engineering/175-level-1/164-plumbing-level-1.html

Check out the gallery below for some great photos from the ZSL day out. 


In June, first and second year Richmond upon Thames College (RuTC) Dance students, took part in The Great Exhibition Road Festival Star Cells dance performance in London, alongside fellow dance students from Rambert School.

Star Cells is a flashmob performance project, inspired by the neurophysiology research taking place at Manchester Metropolitan University and Imperial College, London.

Alongside the flashmob performance, RuTC students performed a commercial group dance to a remix of Destiny Child’s ‘Jumpin Jumpin.’

The performances were created by choreographer, Jeffrey Felicismo who had been engaged in a series of 4-hour intensive workshops with the RuTC students prior to the performance.

The choreography used within the performances was carefully composed to inform and illustrate how the body moves and reacts, the performances convey the impact of neuromuscular diseases in an artistic visual medium, which helps to raise awareness for these conditions.

Claire Guntrip, RuTC Ballet teacher was astounded by both Festival performances, saying,

“The students had a fantastic time exploring the stimulus and working with the inspirational Jeffrey and his expert guidance during the workshops.

“This experience culminated in a well-received performance on Exhibition Road, with the students’ skill and professionalism at the forefront of this choreographic work.”

Check out the gallery below for some brilliant photos from the event.

Learn more about studying Dance at RuTC here

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