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Last week (17 – 21 October) Richmond upon Thames College, along with colleges across the country, celebrated the annual Colleges Week celebration, organised by the Association of Colleges.

The AOC launched Colleges Week in 2018 as part of the Love Our Colleges campaign and the week was a chance to celebrate the brilliant things colleges do, day in and day out to support students on their learning journey.

This year’s Colleges Week theme was ‘Staff - Students - Skills’ in which we acknowledged the work, effort and skill our staff and students put in each and every day.

As part of the week, AOC organised a competition for colleges to showcase skills their students or staff have learned during their time at college, or extracurricularly.

Richmond upon Thames College submitted a video of our Level 3 Sports students, Ella Goodall and Brendan La Piazza showing off their incredible acrobatic skills for the college’s competition entry.

As well as Colleges week, Richmond upon Thames College also enjoyed our first Open Event of the academic year, welcoming a bustling crowd of prospective students and parents to our award-winning, new campus building.

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Richmond upon Thames College (RuTC) A Level students studying Government and Politics, recently visited London’s Houses of Parliament to learn more about Government operations, processes and general history behind the famous archetypal state building.

The students were able to visualise what they have been learning about in their course including the House of Commons and House of Lords which was beneficial for widening and contextualising their understanding of the Government and the role it plays in modern Britain.

Student, Alice Mockett greatly enjoyed the trip, explaining “I had the opportunity to stand where the Prime Minister does in the House of Commons, facing my friend who stood where the opposition does. It was not something you experience every day!

“It was also fascinating to walk down the same corridors as important historical figures, such as Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair.

“It was a great opportunity for us to see how things work and what they look like. It was also really interesting to hear from people that work in the Houses of Parliament and their experiences.”

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The month of October is internationally celebrated as ‘Black History Month’ a time where Black History and Black pioneers are commemorated and celebrated for their achievements.

People from African and Caribbean backgrounds have been a fundamental part of British and American history for centuries. However, campaigners for Black History Month believe their value and contribution to society is often overlooked, ignored or distorted.

It is often, that organisations still teach a history curriculum which focuses on traditional events and the achievements of white figures. Therefore, Black History Month gives everyone the opportunity to share, celebrate and understand the impact of black heritage and culture.

Richmond upon Thames College is committed to valuing and promoting Black History during October, as well as continuing this important practice throughout the year through a variety of channels.

This month, Richmond upon Thames College is delivering sessions on the theme of Black History Month, ‘Are actions more impactful than words?’ as well as how to be an active ally to the black community.

The college library has a great display of Black History related books and authors and the first book club meeting takes place in mid-October featuring books solely by Black authors.

In addition, RuTC catering staff have been busy making food that celebrates cultural diversity.

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This October, Richmond upon Thames College is proudly coming together to celebrate Colleges Week 2022 as well as starting the countdown to our very first Open Event of the year, on Saturday 15th October.

The AOC launched Colleges Week in 2018 as part of the Love Our Colleges campaign and the week is a chance to celebrate the brilliant things colleges do, day in and day out to support people to upskill and retrain, to support employers across innovation and skills and recognise their role as anchor institutions in their communities.

This year’s Colleges Week theme is ‘Staff - Students - Skills’ which will showcase all the great things staff do in colleges to provide students and employers with the skills they need to succeed.

Richmond upon Thames College is an essential part of the employment and learning infrastructure and culture in the London Borough of Richmond and the wider London community.

All the college’s students, staff and stakeholders are looking forward to celebrating Colleges Week with a range of fun activities and competitions, along with hosting two Open Events during the week on Saturday 15 October and Wednesday 19 October. These Open Events are a chance for potential students and parents or guardians, to visit our state-of-the-art new building, meet RuT’s highly qualified and experienced staff and get a real feel for the close college community.

RuTC alongside all other further education colleges, is an essential community anchor, playing a central role the local community, labour market as well as providing opportunities to empower people and enhance life chances for millions of people.

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