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Before Easter, Richmond upon Thames College’s (RuTC) Engineering students visited car and nuclear power plants to gain a practical insight into the industry.

Level 3 Electrical/Electronic and Mechanical Engineering Diploma students took a trip to Dungeness Nuclear Power Plant in Kent, where they learnt about the processes and benefits of using nuclear power.

Level 2 Engineering students had the opportunity to see the entire assembly line and quality control of the BMW Car Plant in Oxford, where they learnt about car manufacturing processes.

Take a look at the photos below and read more about studying Engineering at RuTC.

Revision Tips for your Exams

Friday 26 April 2019

We have been helping students pass their exams and assessments for over 80 years, so we have plenty of experience in this field!

Whether your're revising for your GCSEs or A Levels, our Careers Team has put together some top tips and advice to help you through the next few weeks.

Top Tips for Revision

  • Create a revision plan – plan your revision time effectively, see ‘Creating a revision plan’ below
  • Take regular breaks - this also means getting away from screens and moving away from your study area, such as going for a walk and getting some fresh air
  • Experiment - try different learning techniques to see what works best for you
  • Set goals and be honest with yourself - have you really done a full hour of revision? Have you given yourself proper breaks? Do you really need to study that subject again?
  • Relaxation – make sure you take some time for yourself to spend with family and friends
  • Hydrate - you cannot revise if you are dehydrated. Drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated, awake and alert during revision and exam times. Note that drinking sugar and caffeine (eg tea, coffee, energy drinks, fizzy drinks) may seem like a good idea but too much can be detrimental to your revision.

Creating a revision plan

Before you start revising, create a plan to help you get the most out of your studies:

Think about what you need to study. Not just subjects but modules within that subject.

Create a timetable, including breaks. Prioritise - ensure you look at when your exams are to know what subjects you need to do when.

Plan your study spot. Do you work best at home or are there too many distractions? Are you near things or people that could distract you, eg friends, food, TV, phone, PlayStation? Would a library work better for you?

The exams you’re taking are very important for your future and it is essential that you revise! By planning your revision, you will be able to reduce your stress and organise your revision in manageable chunks. For GCSEs, why not check out BBC GCSE Bitesize

advice advise advisor web

How do you best learn and remember things? Have a think about how you learn best and how you can incorporate this into your revision. Take a look at these learning styles and tips to help each:

Visual learners - you like the use of images, colours, videos etc.
Revision tips:

  • Coloured Flash cards
  • Graphs and Mind maps
  • Images

Auditory Learners - you learn best through listening and speaking exercises, like in classroom debates and presentations.
Revision tips:

  • Record yourself speaking your revision notes out loud. Then listen carefully.
  • Repetition, go over and over a point more than once to get it in your head, say it out loud
  • Come up with raps or jingles as a way of remembering something.

Read and Write - you learn best through writing lots of notes. You can remember things you read in detail
Revision tips:

  • Re-write your revision notes
  • Use lists
  • Use practice essay papers

Kinaesthetic - you learn best by doing. For example, when learning a play or poem, you learn it best through acting it out.
Revision tips:

  • Use your hands and body as much as possible and stay active – stand up instead of sitting down, do star jumps in between chapters, walk around with your text book, tap your pencil, fidget, bounce a ball, any kind of repetitive movement is usually good. Do what feels right and seems to work best for you.

Need extra help?

Speak to your teachers or parents, or book an appointment to see your Careers Advisor. Don’t leave it too late!


 On Tuesday 23 April, The Red Box Project visited Richmond upon Thames College (RuTC) to provide the students with one of their red boxes, containing a range of free sanitary products.

The Red Box Project is a national initiative, founded two years ago in Portsmouth. Today, it has distributed more than 3,750 red boxes in educational institutions and works with organisations such as ALWAYS and TAMPAX towards ending period poverty and empowering girls.

Julia Clarke and Destiny Gomes, Early Years students at RuTC, raised concerns through the college’s Student Voice Forum about the impact of period poverty and its effect on students. According to the girls’ rights charity Plan International UK, one in ten girls is unable to afford sanitary products, one in seven struggles to afford it and almost 50% of girls miss entire school days because of their period.

Julia and Destiny found that, although sanitary vending machines are provided in many places, sometimes girls can be caught off guard by their period and do not have the coins needed for the machines. Having the option to get free sanitary products from the red box will help students on these occasions. The red box is placed in room C15, RuTC’s Welfare Hub.

Deborah Stephenson, RuTC’s Student Services Manager, said: “We are very excited to work together with the Red Box Project, who kindly agreed to support the college after the issue of period poverty was raised by Early Years students through our Student Voice processes. Period Poverty has damaging effects on girls’ futures, including their education. Having the red box in our college, we hope that no student has to miss lessons due to the lack of sanitary products and that this will support them in achieving their goals whilst with us.”


On Tuesday 23 April, Andrew Barnard from Mira Showers visited our Plumbing Level 2 students to deliver a talk and a workshop on careers with the company.

Students learnt from industry experts, Mira, about what it’s like to work in the industry. In the practical task students learnt how to install showers correctly, to the manufacturer’s instructions. The students learnt how various types of showers work and about the latest shower models in the marketplace, including remote showers.

Plumbing lecturer, Daniel Richards said: “It’s always really useful for the students to be exposed to people from the Plumbing industry as they are able to give them sound advice and knowledge about what they can expect when they leave us. It also gives them insight into new and future developments.”

Find out more about studying Plumbing at RuTC!

mira plumbing talk news 2 2019

Twice a year, Richmond upon Thames College (RuTC) hosts music concerts organised and performed by UAL Music Diploma students.

On Wednesday 27 March, RuTC’s Music students performed an energetic two hour set at the Spring Music Concert. Our musicians entertained a full theatre with a variety of music including famous songs by Pink Floyd and The Police.

Take a look at the photos of the evening and find out more about studying Music at RuTC.

To raise awareness for World Autism Awareness Week 2019, Richmond upon Thames College (RuTC) alumnus Michael Fuller performed at the Apple Store at Covent Garden on Tuesday 2 April.

Michael taught himself music from a young age and went on to study Music at RuTC, finishing his course with a triple distinction. He has recently been featured on the BBC documentary series Amazing Humans, showing his incredible interpretation of music.

Apple’s website describes Michael as “a musician like no other. Able to conjure complex music from his mind, he’s invented a new language of sounds and composes his own symphonic arrangements.” In celebration of World Autism Awareness Week, Michael performed self-composed operatic tracks, including Great is the Grief, plus other well-known classical pieces.

Michael’s performance at Covent Garden was incredibly well perceived by the audience. In addition, he has been contacted by a major broadcasting organisation to discuss further collaboration opportunities.

Paul Smyth, Disability Officer at RuTC, said: “Michael has already achieved a huge amount in the last couple of years – he has been on the BBC numerous times and has now played at Apple’s Covent Garden store, a stone’s throw away from the Opera House where he hopes he might perform one day.”

Find out more about studying Music at RuTC.



Photography by Paul Smyth

RuTC Men’s Football team, Norris Obijiaku second from the left in the back row. (Other team members include Luke Hempstead, Joshua Fernando, Josh McFarlane, George Pratt, Sinan Mai-Ngam, Zain Ali and James Martin.)

In March, Richmond upon Thames College (RuTC) student Noris Obijiaku was offered a football trial at Haringey Borough FC. After having showcased his skills at the trial, Noris has been invited to play for the team in an Under 23 match in the upcoming weeks.

Noris studies Engineering Level 3 at RuTC and participates actively in the college’s Sports Academies. Ged Searson, who coaches the men’s football team at RuTC, said: “Noris was very mature and focused during the training. He chatted and mixed well with players and coaching staff alike and held his own against some very strong and disciplined players.”

Haringey Borough FC are currently second place in the Isthmian League.

Find out more about RuTC's Sports Academies.

In March, 8 of Richmond upon Thames College’s (RuTC) UAL Extended Diploma Music students visited Dalemead Care Home in Twickenham.

RuTC students and staff have a history of performing for local care home residents. During the winter term, students researched music and psychology with the emphasis on well-being and therapeutic effects of music. This term’s visit to the care home enabled the students to put their research into practice while benefitting the residents at the same time.

Together with Music lecturer Peter Garvey, the students performed contemporary, relaxed and very lyrical music, including Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ and ‘Revelation’ from the film ‘Boy Erased’. One student played her own piano composition and the group performed songs such as Billy Joel’s ‘And so it goes’ which took the residents down memory lane.

Peter said: “The trip to Dalemead Care Home was a great success. The students and I performed appropriate music very well and found it a rewarding experience. Both Dalemead’s staff and our students are keen to go back later this year.”

Find out more about studying Music at RuTC.

Students: Luke Hempstead, Noris Obijiaku, Joshua Fernando, Josh McFarlane, George Pratt, Sinan Mai-Ngam, Zain Ali and James Martin

On Wednesday 3 April, Richmond upon Thames College’s (RuTC) Men’s Football Academy Team participated in Strode’s College’s End of Season 7’s Tournament in Egham.

The tournament saw competitions between colleges’ men’s and women’s netball, rugby and football teams. Eight of RuTC’s students competed in the Men’s Football category against other colleges, including Strode’s, Uxbridge and John Ruskin College. Entering the tournament for the first time, RuTC’s team successfully reached the quarter final. As the event was incredibly well organised, the team already decided to participate in the tournament again next year.

Find out more about RuTC’s Sports Academies.

On Wednesday 27 March, Richmond upon Thames College (RuTC) hosted a Women’s Futsal Festival as part of the college’s membership of Association of Colleges (AoC) Sports Futsal League.

RuTC’s Students’ Union recently funded the purchase of new Futsal Goals, which made the event possible. The festival was attended by Newham Sixth Form College and St Francis Sixth Form College with RuTC crowned overall winners without conceding any games (2-1, 4-0, 2-0, 6-4). Sam Nicoll, Team Coach and Sports Lecturer at RuTC, said: “The team is an absolute pleasure to coach, they have been practicing various drills in training and used this in their games, scoring some excellent team goals.”

Find out more about studying Sports and how to get engaged in RuTC’s Sports Academies.

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