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Sightlines to Careers – Students preparing for the World of Work

Tuesday 29 November 2022

Richmond upon Thames College (RuTC) recently hosted the first Sightlines to Careers Week in the current academic year which took off with an enthusiastic start with a number of guest employers and professionals providing students vital and important information to enhance their skills and prepare them for the world of work.

Throughout the week (15-18 November) industry experts for major companies including British Airways, Cisco and the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) shared their personal work experiences and journeys with RuTC’s Business, Travel & Tourism, IT and Science students.

British Airways cabin crew staff, Jay Howard Vale and Aldrin Brainard, discussed teamwork, customer service and problem-solving skills to help students become better equipped for work experience and apprenticeship programmes.

Camilla Reeve, Senior Editor from Palewall Press, delivered a presentation on her organisation’s aims and objectives, and how it impacts popular thinking.

Linda Hansell from Arts Richmond, spoke to students about ‘writing as a creative exercise’ also highlighting the Young Writers’ Competition organised annually which promotes arts and culture in the London Borough of Richmond.

Dr Francisco Cabrera, Marie Curie Scholar at the City University in London, outlined to Engineering students the importance of changing energy landscape in the fields of technological advancement which will impacts the daily lives of ordinary citizens.

The GP Alliance in Richmond was represented by two experienced professionals, Karen Crawford and Wendy Majewska, who spoke about the wide range of NHS career pathways available to Health & Social Care students and the importance of work experience to complement vocational learning.

The week ended with Melissa Robinson and Ethan Paice from Cisco, a leading networking company, highlighting various pathways in the IT sector and how their organisation could be a stepping stone towards success.

Tirthankar Bandyopadhyay, RuTC Work Experience Co-ordinator was delighted with how well the week was received by students saying “Sightlines to Careers is a fantastic opportunity for students to learn from and find out more about the organisations which operate in various industries and how their subjects are relevant.

"These experiences can help students to secure their first role as well as offering them the chance to conceptualise in real life the subjects they have studied. It is also a great chance for employers to develop their social responsibility, by helping their community and inspiring students for the future.”

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