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Dance Students’ Production of Professional Dance Videos

Friday 12 February 2021

At the end of 2020, RuTC’s Level 3 UAL Dance students produced a collection of dance videos to replace their usual live performances. The College is proud of the end results, which have been published on YouTube in January.

The three dance productions showcase a variety of dance styles offered at the College, ranging from ballet, to contemporary, jazz and tap.

The production of “A Very Modern Ballet” sees first year Dance recreating “The Entrance of the Swans” from the ballet “Swan Lake”, and the second years performing in a more neoclassical style, making their very own RuTC TikTok dances. These pieces put together show the transition of ballet from a very niche art form, into a more accessible and current movement.

For the second production, students have created contemporary solos, duets and trios, exploring the themes of borders, refugees and immigration, inspired by the beautifully haunting ballet “Flight Pattern” by Crystal Pite. These short dance pieces have been choreographed to be site specific and in response to the interior structure of our new Richmond building. Students have sourced music that supports the themes they have explored.

The final production, a dance for camera piece titled “A Night at the Movies”, features famous musical songs such as “Singin’ in the Rain”, “Jump n’ Move” from the movie Happy Feet as well as “Another Day of Sun” from the Oscar winning movie La La Land. These pieces, performed using Jazz and Tap styles, are edited together to showcase the beauty of the musical silver screen past and present.

Head of Creative Industries, Marc Dodi states: “Performing Arts students have shown great flexibility, physically as well as mentally, and resilience during this tempestuous time. Creating, appreciating and performing dance performance through the eye of a camera lens is becoming an ever-growing skill that our learners have embraced with an open mind. Watching these performances during lockdown 3.0 have put a smile on my face and hope in my heart.”

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