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Early Years Students Meet Harry Trotter

Thursday 9 May 2019

On Thursday 2nd of May, Richmond upon Thames College’s Level 1 Caring for Children (Early Years) students visited Hounslow Urban Farm to learn about different ways to teach children.

During the trip to the Farm, students learnt about how they can make educational trips for young people and children a fun and interactive learning experience. It is a great practical activity for the students as they learnt how to facilitate learning about animals, as well as learning plenty about the farm themselves.

The Early Years students had the opportunity to get directly involved with animals by feeding and petting them during the farm’s ‘animal encounter’ activities. One such animal was a friendly pig with a popular wizard inspired name - Harry Trotter. Students were also able to see an owl in full flight with the supervision of the owl’s trainer.

Curriculum Manager, Toni Whitehouse said: “This is always a great learning experience for our students, it gets them out of the classroom and thinking about different ways that they can teach and support children.

“Students had hoped to see a lamb being born as one of the sheep at the farm had entered labour shortly after their arrival. Unfortunately, the new lamb was too shy to make an appearance before the end of their visit.”

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Take a look at some of the pictures from the trip.

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