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Proposed College Merger

Better Together - Stronger Together

In November 2020 we announced the proposed merger of HCUC (Harrow College & Uxbridge College) with Richmond upon Thames College.

Through the merger of HCUC with Richmond upon Thames College we are committed to developing a new partnership which serves our learners, businesses and communities better and through locally targeted provision.

Update on Proposed Merger with Richmond upon Thames College - June 2022

There has been a change to the original timeframe for the completion of the merger. Following our most recent update (January 2022), the proposed merger between Richmond upon Thames College (RuTC) and HCUC (Harrow College & Uxbridge College) is making good progress, with both colleges continuing to work towards a new merger date in Autumn 2022. The previous issues that delayed the merger completing earlier this year are in the final stages of resolution and both RuTC and HCUC remain fully committed to merging in the next few months.

Public Consultation

Please note that this consultation process is now closed.
On Thursday 25 March 2021 we launched our public consultation process to gather your views on the proposed merger and this consultation process lasted until Monday 3 May 2021 with results published no later than Monday 14 June 2021. Please click here to read the feedback results
You can read the Public Consultation document here:

public consutation march2021 v3

Consultation on Change of Name

Please click here for information on the consultation on change of name. Please note this consultation closed on 12 May 2021.

Proposed College Merger FAQs

Please click here for FAQs ragarding the proposed college merger.

Dissolution Notice

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the Further Education Corporation of Richmond upon Thames College, known as RuTC, Langhorn Drive, Twickenham, Middlesex, TW2 7SJ, in accordance with the Further Education Corporations (Publication of Proposals) (England) Regulations 2012, SI 2012 No. 1157, of the proposal to merge with the Further Education Corporation of HCUC, Park Road, Uxbridge, UB8 1NQ on the 30 July 2021. It is proposed that all RuTC’s property, rights and liabilities will transfer to HCUC immediately before RuTC is dissolved on the 30 July 2021.

Further education will continue at RuTC after this merger is proposed to take place and current and prospective students will continue their courses of study as planned. For further information about the proposed merger and the benefits it will offer to students, staff and employers and to access a copy of the consultation document below. The consultation period runs from 25 March 2021 until 3 May 2021. The results of the consultation will be published no later than 14 June 2021 on the RuTC website.
The Dissolution Notice was published in The Richmond and Twickenham Times (25/3/21) and The Times (25/3/21)

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