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Business Administration Apprentice

business administration apprenticeship at National Physical Laboratory and Richmond upon Thames College in London leon Scientific Knowledge

“I’ve most enjoyed meeting new people, whether they be fellow apprentices or colleagues. I have also enjoyed being able to participate in meetings and conversations and actually understand what’s being spoken about in scientific terms. It’s great to be able to contribute, because at first it was almost like another language with the amount of abbreviations and acronyms! I also enjoy feeling like I’ve earned my money.”

Leon chose an apprenticeship because: “it seemed like getting an apprenticeship or going to university was the logical next step, and out of those two choices an apprenticeship seemed to fit my style of learning better than university. It also seemed to me that employers are increasingly looking for experience in possible employees, and an apprenticeship offers a lot more experience than university. Then of course there’s the fact that apprenticeships allows you to earn while you learn.”

RuTC have supported Leon by:
“being very helpful and providing me with a large number of apprenticeships to choose from. They also helped me to improve my CV so that it contained more relevant information for the apprenticeship I was applying for. They then sent off my application for me, along with everyone else’s.”

Lessons learnt so far:
“I’ve learnt how to use word, excel, and other Microsoft office software more efficiently. I’ve learnt how to structure emails more appropriately, as well as other methods of written communication. I’ve learnt how to put together an invoice.”

Leon’s future plans include:
“I would like to continue working at NPL. If not then hopefully the qualification will allow me to get a job doing something similar at a different company.”

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apply for apprenticeship vacancies at richmond upon thames college 2016

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