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Apprentice Operations Administrator, Rivers Academy West London

Job Role Overview: To respond to enquiries on the telephone, in person or by email in a professional manner.

•To use the MIS systems (such as SIMS) to access data for information purposes and to produce reports as directed by the Operations Team Leader.

•To create, use and maintain databases/spreadsheets according to the needs of the team.

•To assist with the organisation of meetings including producing agendas and taking notes or minutes when required.

•As and when required support the Senior Administrator/Operations Team Leader with the admissions procedures and accurately maintaining the student related information

•To liaise with other Academy staff as may be required on matters relating to area of work, e.g. issues of admission information, registration of examination entries, responding to requests for reprographic support.

•Maintaining and keeping the Academy’s website up to date

•Create photographs of students and staff as required, including transition students for the purposes of ID passes.

•To prepare, produce, collect, collate, file and distribute documents e.g. attendance/ absence letters, exam certificates, student offers, references/Academy publications including the prospectus.

•To execute routine tasks including opening and distribution of mail, photocopying, faxing, sending and receiving e-mails, word processing and the distribution of documents following agreed procedures and timescales.

•To prepare all outgoing mail ready for collection. This includes franking all letters and parcels, calculating postage costs and keeping an accurate postage log.

•To support and assist with any of the periodic activities undertaken by the Operations team.

•To maintain effective administrative systems ensuring all paperwork is correctly filed and processed in accordance with agreed procedures. •To assist with the archiving of records and information as directed.

•To support the Senior Administrator in relation to any learner registration, exam entries or results issues/other administrative tasks relating to the examinations procedures and in accordance with the Awarding Body requirements.

•As and when required support the Senior Administrator/ Operations Team Leader with the planning and updating of the Academy calendar.

•As and when required support the Senior Administrator/ Operations Team Leader with the planning and administration of Academy events, which may include booking venues/refreshments for events; work related to open events; assisting with the organisation of exhibitions of student work or performances etc.

•To be responsible for the ordering of stationery and equipment as and when necessary and maintaining the stationery cupboard.

•To be responsible for the production of staff/student ID passes.

•To be responsible for any changes to the operation of the door security access system.

•To provide an efficient and friendly reception service for visitors, staff and students.

•To respond and deal with external callers/requests by telephone / email and at the Reception desk in a polite, efficient and professional manner.

•To provide effective communication links (telephone, email, reception and messages) throughout the Academy.

•To assist with production of communication to parents/students.

•To undertake all duties in accordance with Academy procedures and in compliance with the requirements and regulations of all external stakeholders such as Awarding Bodies, funding agencies and the current Data Protection Act.

•To work according to priorities and deadlines dictated by the annual calendar and as allocated by the Senior Administrator/Operations Team Leader.

•To disseminate information to Academy staff and students about policies and procedures within the Operations team in a manner commensurate with good practice.

•Support other services within Academy as required.

•To administer first aid, after having completed the relevant first aid training and, in the event of an accident, to contact parents, hospital and such like. To undertake training for administering first aid where required.

•To support a safe and secure environment within the Academy undertaking duties at lesson change over and break times, as required. •To maintain confidentiality at all times and to prevent disclosure of confidential and sensitive information.

Location: Feltham

No. of Vacancies: 1

Application Deadline: 26/01/2018

For more information and to apply, follow this link:

Please send any enquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call 020 8607 8171

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