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A Level French

Wednesday 30 September 2015
a level history literature and french student shares thoughts about supportive teachers at Richmond upon Thames College in Twickenham

Helping you improve

“I enjoy all my A levels but especially like English Literature as I love reading books and giving my opinion and interpretation of them through essays and class discussions. The teachers are really good and I like that they offer constructive criticism to constantly help you improve. I’m also a Student Ambassador for the college which I recommend as a great way to meet new friends.”

A Level French

Wednesday 30 September 2015
Richmond upon Thames College Student Union president talks about her role in changing things for the better at the Twickenham campus

Proudest achievement

“Being the President of the Student Union is one of my proudest achievements. It’s a vital role that gives you the chance to listen to the needs of the students and help make changes for the better.”

A Level Spanish

Wednesday 30 September 2015
a level spanish architecture and psychology student talks about her engaging and thought provoking studies at Richmond upon Thames College near Kingston

Engaging and thought-provoking

“I am enjoying psychology very much as I find it engaging and thought provoking and I feel I now have a greater understanding and knowledge of the human mind. I am also really enjoying my architecture course as it gives me creative freedom and I’m able to understand everything from the structure and design of buildings to the building foundations.”

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