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BTEC Brickwork

Wednesday 30 September 2015
btec level 1 brickwork student loves the cameraderie between students at different levels at Richmond upon Thames Colleges Twckenham campus in Surrey

Maintaining high standards

“I love studying brickwork as the facilities at the college are excellent and the camaraderie between the students across the different levels is brilliant – it’s a great atmosphere. At level 1 you’re taught all about health and safety, which tools to use for what job and how to maintain high standards. I’ve recently finished a cavity wall for my final assessment which was really satisfying.”

BTEC Carpentry and Joinery

Wednesday 30 September 2015
btec level 1 carpentry student from Richmond upon Thames College London gains prestigious apprenticeship at Hampton Court palace alongside his studies

Working at Hampton Court Palace

“After completing my level 1 in carpentry at the college, my teacher put me forward for an apprenticeship with Historic Royal Palaces based at Hampton Court Palace. After successfully applying, I’m now a full time apprentice at one of London’s most historic landmarks whilst continuing to study for my levels 2 and 3. It’s a dream result and something I could never have achieved without the support and training I received at Richmond upon Thames College.”

BTEC Carpentry and Joinery

Wednesday 30 September 2015
btec level 2 Carpentry and Joinery student is impressed with the expertise of the teachers at Richmond upon Thames College London

Invaluable knowledge

“I’ve learned a lot of skills on my course so far including how to make full size doors, window frames and staircases. The teachers are really good and their knowledge and expertise of the industry is invaluable. I’m now starting an apprenticeship whilst coming back to college to study my level 3 and I’m really grateful to the college for helping to get me started in the industry.”

BTEC Carpentry and Joinery

Wednesday 30 September 2015
btec level 3 Bench Carpentry and Joinery student has gained the skills and experience she needs to enter employment from Richmond upon Thames College at the Surrey campus

The best course

“I’ve really enjoyed my carpentry course and have gained real satisfaction from the process of making something from start to finish. I built a cabinet for my final project that was quite intricate and something I’m really proud of. I’ve now got the skills to gain employment and become a full time carpenter. It’s the best course I could have chosen.”

BTEC Plumbing

Wednesday 30 September 2015
btec level 1 plumbing student says his course is comprehensive and his teachers treat him as an adult at Richmond upon Thames College with easy transport links to Clapham

Part of my journey

“The plumbing teachers are great and most importantly they treat you like an adult which builds your confidence and makes you work even harder. I’ve been taught about the different types of fittings and metals involved in plumbing as well as using the correct tools, soldering, refrigeration, electrics and health and safety. It’s really comprehensive and all part of my journey to eventual employment as a professional plumber.”

subject tasters at Richmond upon thames college experience inside the classroom London 2016 2017 1

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