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RuTC Subject Tasters: Childcare, Health and Social Care, Sport, Travel & Tourism

24 January 2018

Subject Tasters sessions on this date (all sessions run from 3pm to 5pm and participants are required from the start):


Health and Social Care

Sport & Exercise

Travel & Tourism

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Childcare - Learn to Play - Play to Learn

• Wednesday 24 January 2018

You will create children’s play activities as well as learn about and discuss them with the group. These activities can help in the development of children’s language, social engagement and creativity. From this you will begin to understand the science and psychology behind the development of children. 

Find you opportunities for studying childcare at Richmond upon Thames College.  


Health and Social Care - Be part of the Care Team

• Wednesday 24 January 2018

Get creative and design your own Health and Social Care campaign to raise awareness for a specific care industry challenge, such as dementia, the disabled or the elderly. You will challenge ideas within the group to generate and discuss different viewpoints and understanding of these topics.

Study health and social care at RuTC


Introduction to Travel and Tourism

• Wednesday 24 January 2018

Start your world tour here by discovering popular travel and tourism destinations globally. Find out about different careers in the Travel and Tourism industry, and work together to develop your customer service skills. Ideal for those who wish to start their journey in the Travel and Tourism industry.

Travel and tourism courses at RuTC in south west London.


Sport - Fitness Testing and Sports Performance

• Wednesday 25 January


Get your blood pumping and your adrenaline rushing by joining this practical session that will get you started with fitness testing techniques.

This will enable you to begin to understand how these techniques impact on sports training for performance. This is practical so please bring your PE kit.

Discover opportunities for studying sport at RuTC.


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