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Greenwich Observatory Visit

Wednesday 26 February 2014

In February, A level Physics students visited the Greenwich Observatory to take part in a workshop entitled Exploring Exoplanets.

RuTC Subject Tasters: Art & Design, Computing & IT, Dance, Drama, Maths, Media, Music, Science

7 February 2018

Subject Tasters sessions on this date (all sessions run from 3pm to 5pm and participants are required from the start):

Art & Design

Computing & IT

Dance, Drama, Music 



Applied Science

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Art and Design – Think. Create. Make.

 • Wednesday 7 February 2018

This session will get you thinking, creating ideas and making them. Using practical art and design techniques you will explore your own creative responses and interpretations with some unusual starting points that will lead to some mind-blowing results.


Computing and IT – 3 Steps to Ethical Hacking

• Wednesday 17 January 2018

• Wednesday 7 February 2018

Did you know that employers hire hackers to make sure their business systems are secure? You will get to learn the first 3 steps of ethical hacking, as well as building a virtual network and learning the basic functions. You will also get to discuss a variety of course options.

Dance – All that Jazz

• Wednesday 7 February 2018

With a focus on jazz, students will be part of a dance class and will develop a jazz-style routine to current music, with help from our existing students. This is a practical session so please wear loose fitting clothes and jazz shoes if you have them.


Drama – Master the Art of Improvisation

• Wednesday 7 February 2018

You will take part in a practical workshop, which will focus on improvisation and the development of your acting skills. You will have the opportunity to talk to and see the work of some of our current students. This is a practical session so please wear appropriate clothing.


Music – Making Tracks

• Wednesday 7 February 2018

You will learn to create a short track using digital audio workstation, Cubase. You may also get the chance to layer your track over a video clip to explore how sound and image can work together. Students will need to bring their own head/earphones.


Maths – Brain Teasers

• Wednesday 17 January 2018

• Wednesday 7 February 2018

Get stuck into solving mathematical puzzles, it will be challenging, but a lot of fun too! Some puzzles will be mathematical brain teasers that don’t initially involve equations, while others involve group work and investigating complex mathematical problems using algebra.

Media - Studio Filming and VFX

• Wednesday 7 February 2018

In TV and Film you will think of a concept and create a storyboard. Setting up the cameras and studio lighting, you will then shoot the scenes. In Animation and VFX you will use bespoke industry software, MAYA, to create and bring to life 3D animations and models.

Applied Science – Exploring the Lab

• Wednesday 17 January 2018

• Wednesday 7 February 2018

You’ll look at the application of science, centred on practical activities from which the theory is then drawn. This will give you an opportunity to develop your practical laboratory skills, which the course is based on, in Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

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>>  Book your place at an RuTC Subject Taster now <<


Science students visit CERN

Thursday 19 June 2014

On June 16-17, A level physics students headed to Geneva to visit the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN).

Science students visit NPL

Wednesday 4 December 2013

On Wednesday 4 December, first year BTEC science students visited the National Physical Laboratory as part of a coursework assignment in which they compared specialist and non-specialist laboratories.

St Mary’s students talk physics

Friday 28 February 2014

In February, BSc Applied Physics students from St Mary's University visited the College to run hands-on experiment workshops with first year BTEC science students.

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