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IT Users Level 2 (part time)

The purpose of this qualification is to develop and recognise learners’ IT skills and knowledge and enable them to use IT effectively in their daily lives. These qualifications are designed to prepare learners for employment in the IT sector and they are suitable for those who have decided that they wish to enter a specific area of work within the IT industry. 

This course is designed as a part time evening course for adults.



Exam board: Pearson


Please note this is a course for adults (19+). Click here for courses for 16-18 year olds.


  • Course details, fees and dates

    Course Code 22-PL2CT-ITQ-1A / 10001

    Start Date Tuesday 20 Sep 2022

    How long is the course? 32 Weeks

    What time does the course start? 6:30PM

    What time does the course end? 8:30PM

    When does the course run? Tuesday

    How much does the course cost? All Fees £350

    Are concessions available? No

    Examining Body Pearson

    Is an interview required? No

  • What will I study and learn?

    The course is assignment based and includes the following modules:

    • Improving Productivity using ICT 
    • Presentation Software 
    • Spreadsheet Software 
    • Website Software 

    Bespoke modules can be set up on request although 'Improving Productivity using ICT' is mandatary. 

  • How is the course assessed?

    The course is accessed via assignments. 

  • What skills will I need for the course?

    It is crucial that you are keen to succeed on this course and learn all you can during the year. You must be self-motivated and remember that you are working towards a good job in the future. It is a requirement that you have already used a computer, know your way around the keyboard and are able to use a mouse. No specialised knowledge is required but the more familiar you are with computers - the better. What we are really looking for is a passion for all things IT and a fascination for how computers work.

  • What formal entry requirements will I need?

    A level 1 standard of ICT skills. 

  • Are there any costs involved?



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