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Caring for Children Level 1

This course provides an introduction to childcare for students who may wish to progress and gain a professional qualification at Level 2 in childcare or play work. It could also provide useful knowledge if you become a parent. There will be an opportunity for a period of work experience and to learn about children's development and play.


Child care is about having an interest in children and caring for their needs. You will help children aged between 0-15 years to learn about life including how to get on with each other. In addition you will start to be involved in their education as well as providing them with opportunities to play and have fun.


 Exam Board: CACHE



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  • What will I study and learn?

    This is quite a practical course that gives you an introduction to caring for children. You will be asked to undertake work individually and in groups during class time as well as have time to plan and carry out activities. You must complete a portfolio of work.

    The course is taught in units covering the following subjects:

    • Personal development
    • Human growth and development
    • Food and nutrition
    • Health and safety practice
    • Care of children
    • Play activities
    • Orientation to work

    There will a period of work experience within the course. This will involve working with young children.

  • How is the course assessed?

    The course is 100% continual assessment.

  • What courses would combine well with this course?

    This is a full time course and you will have the opportunity to continue progressing with your English and maths qualifications.

  • What skills will I need for the course?

    It is important that you can act independently and safely with children. For this reason, you will need 2 personal references, in addition to the usual reference provided by your school. This needs to show a satisfactory commitment to working with children of this age. School work experience in child care, voluntary work in play schemes, babysitting or any other experience of working and helping children would demonstrate this commitment. All prospective students are interviewed by a member of the child care teaching staff.

  • What formal entry requirements will I need?

    No formal qualifications are required. You will need an assessment and interview and must be motivated, committed and have a positive attitude. The course is designed for school leavers who are able to work at a level equivalent to GCSE grades 4-2/C-F.

  • What could this course lead to?

    This course may lead to a level 2 certificate in child care or another area provided you have the appropriate entry requirements and reference. Alternatively you could move on to work based training.

  • Are there any costs involved?

    You will need to buy one textbook costing approximately £23 and pay transport fares to your work experience.

    You will need to obtain a Police Check from the DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) to determine suitability as a 'fit' person to work with children. The DBS charge is currently £44 and the check is done before the start of the course (prices are for 2015).


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