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Carpentry and Joinery Level 1

Carpenters are responsible for large areas of the construction and craft industry. Site carpenters are concerned with fixing and installing wooden site structures. They lay joists and hang doors etc. Bench joiners are more concerned with producing wooden products such as windows, doors, fitted cupboards etc which are produced in a workshop.


There are also specialised carpenters/joiners who work on film sets, stages, boats etc. Bench joiners may build spiral staircases or fitted kitchens. Some carpenters/joiners may go on to specialise in restoration work.


Exam Board: NOCN



Search your career options if you study Carpentry and Joinery Level 1
  • What will I study and learn?

    You will learn about many aspects of the construction trade although you will concentrate on carpentry. You will produce woodworking joints, maintain and use carpentry and joinery hand tools and prepare and use carpentry and joinery portable power tools.

    You will carry out workshop activities. You will work on your own and in a group to produce models in the workshops and also have some lessons in the classroom as well as using computers. You will work with hand tools and learn about products. There will be training in health and safety and you will also complete functional skills in English and Maths.

  • How is the course assessed?

    The course is assessed through a mixture of practical assessments and a written workbook portfolio. Your assessed portfolio will be a workbook in which you write about how you completed your practical tasks in the workshops, for example what you have made in the workshops.

  • What skills will I need for the course?

    You should be interested in learning a craft for the construction industry and enjoy working with your hands. Some of the work may be quite heavy so you should be fit.

    You will need to have a successful interview and a satisfactory school reference.

  • What formal entry requirements will I need?

    Entry requirements are 4 GCSEs at grade 3 and above, including GCSE English and Maths.

  • Are there any costs involved?

    All students will have to provide appropriate personal protective equipment (overalls and safety boots) at approximately £70. You will also need to buy a calculator and memory stick. A textbook for the level of study is also required at an approximate cost of £30.

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