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A Levels

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A Level General Certificates of Education (GCEs) Level 3

From September 2015, the Government introduced major changes to the delivery and assessment of AS and A Levels. Most subjects changed at this time with the last set of A Levels changing to the new linear model in 2017. This reform is a national Government initiative which aims to better equip students for university and employment.

AS Levels

AS Levels are completed in one year and are freestanding qualifications (ie they will not contribute to your overall A Level grade). AS Levels are now linear qualifications - this means that they will be assessed at the end of the course (end of year). AS Levels are graded A* - E.

A Levels

A Level qualifications are completed over two years. A Levels are linear qualifications - this means that they will be assessed at the end of the course (end of second year). AS Level grades do not contribute to the final overall grade. Most A Levels are assessed through exams only however, some subjects will be assessed with up to 20% coursework (only in subjects where there is recognition that certain skills cannot be assessed in an exam). A Levels are graded A* - E.

All students will enrol on 3 linear A Levels from September 2017. Those students with an average GCSE points score of 6.5 and above will be able to study 4 A Levels.

Progression from AS Level to A Level

Progression will not be automatic - it will depend on several factors. You will need to have attended regularly and punctually and completed all your homework/ coursework during the year. You will need to have demonstrated that you are serious about your studies and you will need to have obtained an appropriate grade in the AS Level exam. Our normal requirement is a minimum D grade in your AS Level exam if you wish to progress to A Level.

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