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Access to HE Diploma Performing Arts


This is a new course for September 2022. Details about this course will be updated soon.

Please note this is a course for adults (19+). Click here for courses for 16-18 year olds.

  • Course details, fees and dates

    Course Code 23-FL3AC-PER-1

    Start Date Monday 04 Sep 2023

    How long is the course? 32 weeks

    What time does the course start? 9AM

    What time does the course end? 5PM

    When does the course run? Thurs & Fri

    How much does the course cost? Tuition fee £3,928 Exam fee £0 Certification fee £100 Materials fee £100 = Total fee £4,128

    Is this course eligible for an Advanced Learner Loan? Yes

    Is there a registration fee? Yes

    Are concessions available? No

    Examining Body OCNLR

    Is an interview required? Yes

  • What will I study on this course?
  • Are there any materials or resources that I need to bring to the sessions?
  • What is expected of me at this level?
  • What qualifications or experience do I need to start the course?

    You must be 19 or over to apply for the access course.

  • GCSE requirements for Access applicants
  • What experience would help me be suitable for the course?
  • How will I be taught?
  • How will I be assessed?
  • What qualification will I get?
  • What skills will I gain as a result of doing the course?
  • What can the course lead to?
  • How do I join the course?

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