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Student Liaison Committee

Terms of Service


1. The Committee shall comprise five Corporation members, including the student governors.

2. Additional representation at meetings shall be as follows: • Up to six students selected from the student tutor representatives and/or the Students’ Union Executive Committee. • One member of the College Leadership Team. • Other staff members as appropriate.

3. The Chair of the Committee shall be approved by the Corporation.

4. In the absence of the Chair, the members attending the meeting shall select one of their number to ‘Chair’ that meeting.

5. The quorum for meetings of the Committee shall be three Corporation members.

6. Any governor not a member of the Committee may attend in a non-voting capacity.

7. The Clerk to the Corporation shall act as Clerk to the Committee


8. To receive reports from students on key issues affecting the student population and consider subsequent actions.

9. To receive views from students on Learner Voice mechanisms and discuss suggestions for improvements or developments.

10. To receive views from student members of the Committee and the SU about their experience of the College.

11. To receive reports about the activities of the Students’ Union.

12. To monitor the achievement of those aspects of the College’s Strategic Objectives concerning the student experience, that relate to the work of the Committee.

Approved by the Corporation July 2017