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Curriculum, Quality and Standards Committee

Terms of Service


1. The committee shall comprise at least five Corporation members, plus any co-opted members. The committee may invite the Corporation’s advisers or other third parties to attend meetings of the committee as appropriate (such persons shall not have a vote but shall be entitled to speak at the meeting).

2. The Chair of the Committee shall be approved by the Corporation.

3. In the absence of the Chair, the members attending the meeting shall select one of their number to ‘Chair’ that meeting.

4. The quorum for meetings of the committee shall be three Corporation members.

5. Any governor not a member of the Committee may attend in a non-voting capacity.

6. If requested by the Committee, the Deputy Principal and the Director of Quality and Student Services shall attend.

7. The Clerk to the Corporation shall act as Clerk to the Committee

8. The Committee shall meet at least 3 times per year.


1. To monitor the relevant KPIs and risks from the College KPIs and Risk Register assigned to the Committee.

2. To monitor the curricular elements of the Strategic Plan

3. To monitor the achievement of the College’s Quality Improvement Plan

4. To review and recommend to the Corporation the policy and Annual Report on Safeguarding Young People and Vulnerable Adults

5. To monitor the achievement of the Colleges Equality and Diversity Plan.


1. To ensure that the College undertakes regular and rigorous self-assessment which is appropriately validated.

2. To consider and recommend to the Corporation the College’s annual Self-Assessment Report.

3. To consider the Quality Improvement Plan of the College’s annual Self-Assessment Report and to advise the Corporation about any significant matters and recommendations arising from their review.

Student Achievement and Retention

1. To ensure that the College sets appropriate targets for institutional performance and to recommend to the Corporation, on an annual basis, improved targets for retention and achievement.

2. To ensure that standards of students’ achievements are being monitored and maintained at a high level.

3. To monitor examination results in all areas of the College’s work and to make appropriate recommendations to the Corporation.

4. To consider, in conjunction with management, changes to the College’s curriculum offer.

Approved by the Corporation July 2017