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College Redevelopment Project Group

Terms of Reference

Membership and Operation

1. The Group will comprise at least five members of the Corporation, including the Principal, the Chair of the Corporation, the Vice-Chair of the Corporation and the Chair of the Finance and Resources Committee. The Chair of the Group shall be the Chair of the Corporation or his/her appointee.

2. The Chair has the power to: a) co-opt members with expertise when necessary, and b) invite other individuals to attend any meeting, if deemed appropriate to the business. Such co-opted members and invitees will have no voting rights.

3. The quorum for meetings of the Group shall be three members.

4. The Director of Finance, Planning and Funding shall attend meetings.

5. The Group shall meet as and when required. In the build phase of the College Redevelopment Project, the Group will normally meet monthly.

6. The agenda for meetings will be compiled by the Chair of the Group and the Clerk to the Corporation, in liaison with the Principal.

7. The Clerk to the Corporation shall circulate minutes of the meetings of the Group to all members of the Corporation.

Scope of the Group

8. The Group is a formal committee of the Corporation with delegated powers from the Corporation, as set out below.

9. The Group will dissolve on completion of the College Redevelopment Project as determined by the Corporation.


10. To oversee and monitor the College Redevelopment Project throughout all its phases and to ensure that the Project adheres to the aims and aspirations of the College as set out in its Strategic Plan.

11. To receive and monitor reports from the main consultants, covering progress against timelines and spend against budget. Such reports would be expected to be provided monthly.

12. To receive reports from lawyers, consultants and contractors.

13. To monitor actions and decisions taken by the Programme Board and Sponsor Board and to advise Chair of Corporation and Principal on matters arising from those actions and decisions.

14. To receive the Project’s Risk Register; to monitor key risks associated with the College Redevelopment Project, and to report any concerns to the Corporation.

Powers of the Project Group

The Project Group shall have the power, on behalf of the Corporation, to discuss, consider and approve the following:

15. Any amendments to the LEP Capital Funding Bid and related processes which are required to satisfy LEP deadlines on such a bid.

16. The appointment of consultants and contractors for Project works with a value of between £150,000 and £1,000,000.

17. In conjunction with the Finance and Resources Committee, the appointment of the main contractor for each Phase, notwithstanding the fact that the contract value will exceed £1,000,000

18. Legal contracts and agreements between the College and third parties (for example, Harlequins, Haymarket and LBRUT), in relation to the use of the site and associated issues.

19. Any significant variations to any consultants’ and contractors’ contracts.

20. The final design of the new buildings and the site (RIBA Stage 3).

21. The Communications Strategy for the development of the Richmond Education and Enterprise Campus.

22. The broad strategy for transfer of business from the existing buildings to the new main building and STEM centre.

23. The opening arrangements for the new buildings. provided that (a) any decisions and approvals made by the Project Group shall comply with the College’s Financial Regulations, and (b) any decisions and approvals fall with the agreed Project Budget, as agreed by the Corporation on 24 February 2016.

Powers Reserved to the Corporation

The following powers are reserved to the Corporation:

(i) The overall strategy for the College Redevelopment Project

(ii) Approval of the overall Project Budget

(iii) The approval of any borrowing

(iv) The decision to dispose of land

Approved by the Corporation July 2017

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