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Welcome to our Blog Inspiring Excellent Teaching

Welcome to our blog inspiring excellent teaching

'Better than one thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.' This Japanese Proverb sums up perfectly why we decided to dedicate an entire blog to teaching and learning and to celebrating exciting and progressive practice. On this blog we will highlight some of the ways teachers at Richmond upon Thames College are excelling at teaching. 

best education teaching and technology blog in further education by Richmond upon Thames College

We will interview our teachers to get a sneak peek into what is actually working, not what the policymakers say will work. We hope this blog will inspire teachers everywhere, create effervescent conversation about great teaching methods among educators from all levels and most of all encourage a nationwide teaching culture that is vibrant, dynamic and proactive.

This blog will also be available on LinkedIn and Facebook. Look out for the links to those under each post so you can add your comments and your ideas and share it with your network. 

Most of all, we welcome your visit to our new blog and can't wait to hear your feedback and your ideas. Here's to great teaching and ultimately, exceptional education for all.

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