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A316/Langhorn Drive Junction Upgrade

The Richmond upon Thames Education and Enterprise Campus is a new development comprising of a Free School, new state of the art College building and facilities, provision for Clarendon School, a Technology Hub and 180 new residential dwellings.

Highway improvement works to the A316 and Langhorn Drive junction were approved as part of the planning process to ensure that these new facilities do not lead to congestion on the A316 and surrounding roads. These improvements include:

  • The addition of a new, fully signalised right-hand-turn exit from Langhorn Drive, meaning road users that want to head east on the A316 no longer must drive west and turn around at the Hospital Bridge roundabout;
  • A new signal-controlled crossing for pedestrians and cyclists across the A316. The design includes a retractable fence to the central reservation that can be opened on Twickenham Stadium and Twickenham Stoop event days to allow for increased volumes of pedestrian traffic.
  • An extended filter lane for traffic turning left in to Langhorn Drive.

These changes require the removal of the existing footbridge across the A316. The footbridge is past the end of its service life, and the new at-grade toucan crossing provides an accessible route across the A316 which the footbridge does not currently provide.

The new at-grade crossing will complement the proposals to upgrade Marsh Farm Lane which will involve widening the existing path to enable it to become shared footpath/cycleway.

a316 langhorn drive highway diagram

Prior to the commencement of any works a Traffic Management Plan will be drafted and submitted to TfL for approval. Once this has been agreed, the College will communicate further information about when the works are likely to begin, how long they will take, hours of work and how they will be managed.

If you have any comments or feedback regarding the improvement works to the A316 and Langhorn Drive junction, please leave these in the form below. If you would like a response to your comments, please leave your name and email address so that we can come back to you. If you would like to remain annoymous, please do not provide your name or email address, but note that we will not be able to respond. 

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